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Jan 8, 2008 01:26 PM

Abbot on the Hill?

I've done some searching, and seen a few mentions of this place. I had a couple of samples of their food at the Summerhill LCBO, but I was wondering if anyone here has actually had a meal there, and if so, how was the food?

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  1. I have once and really loved it. Its a relaxed little pub but it has above average pub food. I believe I had the soup of the day which was some type of roasted red pepper with caramelized onions which was excellent. I also tried to chicken wings which were.. different. They were not like usual wings, they had no sauce on them, just battered and fried and were large and skewered onto sticks. I probably wouldnt order that again. For a main I had the schnizel which was sooo delicious and lemony. I would definetly go back! Id be interested to hear other peoples recomendations as well.

    1. I've eaten there a few times. Most memorable were these huge, amazing ribs I couldn't put down until every last speck was gnawed off. Nice image, I know. Definitely above average for a pub, and I actually prefer it (for food) to Rebel House down the hill. The atmosphere upstairs is cosy, and I've never had a problem with service. I say, go!

      1. I went for dinner about a year ago, and had the ribs. They were very good (for Toronto bar ribs, of course, don't wish to launch the whole "great rib debate" again here). Also enjoyed the beers they had on tap, the service, and the general vibe. My wife and friends also enjoyed their meals, though I don't recall what they ordered. I would definitely visit more often if they were located closer to my home.

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          We had the ribs and fish and chips. All yummy. They also have a great Sunday night prime rib dinner with yorkshire pudding that's worth checking out.

        2. I had the crab cake. It was delish. As a main I had the burger. Juicy and perfect. Up there with Allen's!!

          1. Went there on Friday and got the last seat in the house upstairs despite arriving on time for our reservation for a table at 9pm. We were seated next to the bar/service station which was messy with old wax, discarded menus and the odd cloth that seemed to sail by my head from a server's toss now and then. My first impression wasn't the greatest for a house in Rosedale, but again it's a pub and I relaxed a bit once they took our drink orders. We had a lovely Bass and Fullers each which were fresh and effervescent with full flavours. No dirty taps here and what a pleasingly different selection they've got!

            I ordered the ribs which were as delicious as everyone here has described them to be. Fall-off-the-bone delectable without any gristle and the right amount of sauce, which I honestly thought were better than what Phil's serves, for about half the price. My boyfriend had their schnitzel which was greaseless and tender, a tiny bit lemony and equally as good as my ribs were.

            We concluded our dinner without rush and were offered coffee or tea before having another pint and only after we asked for our cheque, were we presented with it. Its total was well under $100, which is quite reasonable. I'd like to return there again but only if we can get a table or a seat at the bar downstairs which seems to be much darker and a bit more intimate than the scene upstairs.

            For those who've been, I'd like to ask how the Abbot on the Hill compares to the Abbot farther north on Yonge?

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              I've never been to the Abbott on the Hill, so I can't compare. I have, however, been to the original Abbot (on Yonge, north of Lawrence) a number of times and have always been very pleased with the food and the service. Try the buffalo shrimp -- decadent and delectable...