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Jan 8, 2008 01:10 PM

Salt Lake

I am meeting a few college buddies for a ski trip in two weeks. We will be skiing little cottonwood canyon and are staying in Cottonwood Heights. Looking for some good eats in that area or within 20 minutes or so from there. I will be with a bunch of guys, so we probably won't be doing any fine dining, but would love some recommendations for good cheap to moderate restaurants with good atmosphere. Mexican?


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  1. Porcupine Pub and Grille is pretty cool, good food and good local beer:

    I am not sure of any great Mexican in that area as I don't get up there too often, maybe someone else could chime in. The closest great cheap Mexican I can think of is a bit of a drive, have a google for "La Frontera Salt Lake City" for some locations.


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    1. re: gringo_stu

      I'll second Porcupine.
      There's an outlet of Park City's Loco Lizard in the vicinity, the Loco Lizard Cantina. It's somewhere in that area. Decent twist on Mexican food, plus they added some "north of the border" stuff to satisfy the local folk. It's at 6550 South 3000 East, in the Old Mill area.

      1. re: scabbardgirl

        Loco Lizard is not bad... certainly worth a visit. If you like it hot, ask for the habanero salsa when they bring the chips.

        There's also Cancun Cafe on Ft. Union. I really like their carnitas, though their spice level is below my usual.

        Other Mex worth the drive are:
        Mi Ranchito on State (in SLC, not the Sandy location) be sure to get an order of Pico De Gallo, unique rendition and fabulous.

        And Red Iguana is a bit more than 20 minutes from Cottonwood, but it demands that every 'hound visit at least once.

        There's good ethnic at 1300 East and 8600 South with both Taste Of Punjab and Szechuan Garden.

        Bohemian is a good brewpub with better than average German-inspired fare and killer

        1. re: GroovinGourmet

          La Costa at Sandy Mall at 9400 South and 700 East is my husbands local Mex favorite, though we live in Sandy. Red Iguana is fabulous, but a drive and often a line.

          I concure on Porcupine. Near the mouth of Big Cottonwood.

          Atmosphere all it's own (a dive, basically) at the Cotton Bottom
          2820 East 6200 South
          for great garlic burgers and beers.

          Second GroovinGourmet on The Bohemian. Been there a few times. Love the Cherny Bock!

          My experience at Loco Lizard was bland, bland, bland. Haven't been back to give them another chance. I rarely ever have to salt my food, had to there.

          Trio nearby used to have a "halfy hour" for appetizers. 6405 S 3000 E. Enjoyed that!

          Recently had dinner at Pine. Very good. Upscale casual

          Royal India in Sandy,10263 S 1300 E, great! Also have enjoyed New Dehli Palace 9414 S. Union Sq. (700 E.) in Sandy.

          There's a Chipotle now at 6924 S. Park Centre Drive in Fort Union. Haven't been. It's a chain, but have heard good things. Cafe Rio is also across the way, a bit south east of it. Know folks addicted.

          And I think GroovingGourmet will agree, if you head into Salt Lake craving a great burger, amongst other things, it's gotta be Acme Burger.
          275 south 200 west

          Now go find those freshies and have a good time!

          1. re: blueheron

            Oh yeah...Acme is a 'hound must, and they just announced a new brunch service on Sundays.

            Another Indian offering in the Cottonwood area is Ganesh on Ft. Union, serving both northern and southern dishes. I have yet to go, but the missus went with her cousin and raved.

            1. re: blueheron

              Does the Loco Lizard down there have their moles? Their amarillo mole is good and spicy. The chile verde up in Park City is one of my favorites. And, their ceviche has a kick to it, too. Maybe they had to "down spice" for the Valley folks. I know they had identical menus at one time, but the owner said they had to change it for SLC after a test period.

              1. re: scabbardgirl

                I think the moles are still there, on the "South" side of the menu. I've never had them. Their habanero salsa will take anything into the heat stratosphere, but they did have to dumb things down a bit on the Cottonwood side.