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May 8, 2001 10:12 PM

Damiano's Pizza

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is this pizza joint on fairfax any good.

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  1. It's a dump, the service is pretty bad, and it's some of the best NYC style pizza in Los Angeles. They even have sicillian style if I remember correctly. The only better NYC style pizza is Two Guys on Hollywood Boulevard near Musso & Franks.

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    1. re: chris

      Why can't I find a Two Guys on Hollywood Blvd?

      1. re: Mas

        NW corner of Hollywood and Las Palmas

      2. re: chris

        I like Damiano's. I like the young waitresses, who don't take things trop au serieux; I like the regular pizza; I like the ancient Russian delivery guys who sit out front; I like the Argentinian pizza, said by an Argentinian acquaintance to be quite authentic. It's all quite wonderful, you see.

        1. re: chris

          Where on Fairfax is it?

          1. re: SKU

            It's north of Beverly, across the street from Canter's.

          2. re: chris

            I love Damiano's. It's the perfect place to go after a wild night on the town (open til 6am) - dark as hell. No lights in the main room save the flourescent glow of the refrigerators, which stock a million brands of beer. Pop open a Moretti's and treat yourself to a slice of cheese. If you like your pizza decorated, there are plenty of toppings to choose from - cappicola to egg or artichoke.

            Also, the garlic bread is extra buttery and delicous - order extra marinara for dipping.

            But my favorite thing (or at least in a tie with the garlic bread) is the human head sized small calzone (I've always wondered how large the large is), filled with spinach, ricotta, mozzarella.

            If you live in the area, get take out or get it delivered. Also a good answer when you're sober and the grime is too much to take.

            1. re: chris

              The best NY style pizza is Berry's on 3rd st. Not as good as pizzas in NY(Patsy's) in brooklyn, but good. Artichoke and Chorizo pizza there is awesome

            2. Damiano's is never as good when it's delivered, in my opinion (and the opinion of most of my local pizza eating friends). Clearly you lose something in the hanging-at-the-bar-at-1am translation, but if I can't eat it there...I don't eat it.

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              1. re: Lisa Bee

                Pizza is never as good when it's delivered or taken home. Why? Because the pizza box, in effect, becomes a steamer. Steamed pizza? No thanks.

              2. I used to love it, but I had takeout from there tonight and it was terrible: too doughy, too cheesy... maybe it was because it was takeout? would the quality have deteriorated so much from just sitting around 15 minutes?

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                1. re: S/Z

                  Yes, indeed. Sitting and steaming in a cardboard box is unfortunately the worst thing you can do to a pizza. Where I work meetings frequently are catered, and you can smell the hot cardboard all the way to the end of the hall...Yuck!

                  At home, when I make pizza, I always slip it on a rack to cool without sweating itself soggy. It reheats much better that way.

                  Although it's entirely possible that your pizza had dough and cheese changes unrelated to takeout.

                  1. re: ironmom

                    Yes, it isn't just the obvious changes to Damiano's crust when it's delivered...the pizza's flavor beyond the crust is just nowhere near as good.

                    A while back someone (maybe Jim Leff?) posted their tricks on picking up pizza and transporting it home: keeping it under the heater, poking holes in the lid or leaving it ajar, etc. All good stuff. If only we could get delivery people to follow suit.

                2. This place received a 71 health rating by the Establishment Rating List. That is a Low "C" on the big window out in front.

                  DAMIANO'S MR. PIZZA 412 N FAIRFAX AVE 90036 LOS ANGELES 03/14/2001 71

                  Personally, that would make me steer clear. But I have eaten at a C, in Artesia, at Ashoka the Great.

                  I figured, you know, what would MY kitchen rate?

                  (but then I also decided, you know- these guys are gonna come around with their pencils and why are your pants around your ankles? - not good.)

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                  1. re: b brooks

                    Bob, I'm afraid you don't understand the Damiano philosophy at all. It has nothing to do with hygiene.

                    1. re: b brooks

                      1. It's had a B rating for several years now. The C rating was a brief episode.
                      2. I have to disagree with the guy who said the big-head-sized calzone was great. I have had it several times over the years (since I live around the corner) and the spinach is always crunchy with dirt. Only second in nastiness to crunchy scrambled eggs. And, by the way, it's too big.
                      3. If you aren't having the pizza (which should definitely be eaten there and varies considerably depending on who's baking that day, try the meatball sub with cheese. A 10 on the guilty-pleasure food scale.

                    2. There aren't enough words in any language to properly describe how horrible this food is. I first became a customer years ago for the "Follow Your Heart" vegan cheese that they serve. A couple years later, I got hired as a cashier. Shortly thereafter, I quit as a customer, then as an employee. Disgusting across the board!!!! I wouldn't want my worst enemy to eat there.