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Jan 8, 2008 01:00 PM

Chateldon (sp?) water in Montreal

A US friend found this @ Club Chasse & Peche......does anyone know where it can be purchased by bottle/case?'s a special present for him

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  1. it's a sparkling water from france (you spelled it correctly). You can always try contacting the restaurant to see where you can get it (514) 861-1112. You can also try asking the Chateldon company directly There is no number on the page, only a form.

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      If I remember correctly, it's brought in by Reserve & Selection, the wine agency.

      1. re: tocino.

        Hi and thanks for this......I contacted them and they offered to "do me a favour" and sell a case (12) for $75!!!!!!.....I took a pass, but thanks for suggestion

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          That's a bargain! At Les Elysee du Vernet (not here in Montreal, but elsewhere) it costs €12.

    2. Hi, I'm from London, England so sorry this advice isn't too local, however, I've had success in getting Chateldon from Nicolas Wine (France) to the UK. It's also stocked by the UK Dept store Selfridges, who for a price, will ship just about anywhere in the world. It's the only water that makes me feel better just drinking it and therefore it's up with Gosset Champange for me!

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