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January 2008 - Grocery Outlet

Adell's sausages $2.99 (in order of personal preference) Use or freeze by Feb 2008
- habenero & green chili
- spinach and feta
- artichoke and garlic
- mango (tie)
- apple (tie)

Mariani sliced almonds, whole almonds, walnut halves $2.99 - 10 oz best by 10/09/08

S & W stewed tomatoes 69 cents
Del Monte diced tomatoes (no salt added) 69 cents

Elf herring in sour cream ($1.99) small jar (San Pablo store)

small bagged tangerines 3 lbs $2. 29 (IIRC)

Smoked canned scallops 79 cents

Tindini Australian boxed Shiraz 4 liters $4.99

Koala Australian boxed Shiraz and Chardonnay 3 liters $6.99

Cordier boxed wines are back at Oakland 4 liters $3.99

Gibson port, sherry, and marsala $2.99

Angel Juice boxed Reisling $3.99 ... didn't buy this because of a negative post on another of their wines but who knows ... this is a different variety.

Good Value paper towles 2 for $1.

Hunt's organic diced tomatoes 69 cents
Montreaux sparkling wine $14.99

On going
Land O Lakes unsalted butter $2.59 1 lb
Quaker oats 18 oz 2 for $1

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  1. About some of the OP items

    I hated the Aidell's meatballs so much I forgot I liked the sausages. I hadn't tried the habenero and green chile before and they were good and had a nice zing. Aidell's has recipes which are pretty good on the package. I tried the black bean and sausage on this pack (with a few added spices and real black beans not canned). With 2 cans of those 69 cent Hunts tomatoes ... including costs for what I had at home this was 4 generous servings for a total of about $5.

    The artichoke has really nice pieces of chopped artichoke in it and the recipes suggests mixing with breadcrumbs and stuffing an artichoke. This sounds like a swell idea to me so they sit in my freezer until I find an artichoke I like.

    Those little tangerines are really good. This is the end of the season so check the bag to make sure there isn't a tangerine gone bad in there. This is true everywhere for clementines at this time of year.

    I didn't think the $6.99 boxed Koala shiraz was worth it. It was competing price-wise with Franzia and wasn't any better.

    The Tindini boxed wine ... I don't know. I've always read about wines that have notes of 'tobacco'. This has a loud chorus of tobacco in it ,... strong, strong tobacco taste ... might make me take up smoking.

    I am sure that Montreaux sparkling wine was wonderful at one time (originally $39.99) However, it lost most of its bubbles like a bottle sitting uncorked a few hours. Even not as its best, the wine itself had such a good flavor I'm sorry it lost the bubbles.

    Those Gibson wines are really decent for recipes.

    I like the smoked scallops.

    The paper towels .are actually not bad for a cheap paper towel. Not as flimsy as some and compared favorably with Bounty. I bought one roll to give it a try and then went back and bought a dozen. Good for wiping up food spills in the kitchen.

    BTW, at the bottom of the cash register receipt is a number to take a survey and have a chance to win a $500 food card from Grocery Outlet ... that could keep you in Grocery Outlet food for what ... ten years at those prices. Painless survey ... alas, I was not a winner but can take another shot in 90 days.

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    1. re: rworange

      Saying that something is no better than Franzia, is like saying its no better than CRAP. Sorry, but there is a limit to how disgusting and industrial wine can be. If you were to buy Frozen BEEF lips, that is the food equivalent of Franzia wine.
      At the Oakland store there is a 2001 White Burgundy from Faiveley that is decent for 3.99 a bottle. and the Cordier box may be decent, but Franzia and Koala?

      1. re: jason carey

        That's exactly what I was saying trying to avoid the word crap. It is just if someone were unfamiliar with these boxed wines they are best avoided. I took the bullet. Thanks for the suggestion on the Faiveley.

    2. The Berkeley store also has the herring in sour cream. Thanks for the heads up about that. I haven't had any since the Richmond Costco stopped carrying it. I also bought a 24 oz. Seeds of Change Puttanesca sauce for 1.99. I've had good stuff from them in the past. Also Newman's Own peanut butter cups for fifty cents. Dark chocolate!

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      1. re: Glencora

        Never mind about the peanut butter cups. They have a funny aftertaste.

        1. re: Glencora

          so do the caramel cups, even worse. i tried both. i guess it's the chocolate? i think there might be some coconut oil in there but i don't have the package on me.

          1. re: choctastic

            Not sure of the reason. The wrapper says that it has palm kernel oil.

      2. The GO in West San Jose had AlterEco (fair trade) 100 gram chocolate bars for $1.99 in two varieties: dark chocolate with roasted almonds (which is also organic) and milk chocolate with cashews and raisins.

        Interestingly, on looking at the labels, I noted that neither bar contains an emulisifier (lecithin) that almost all chocolate bars -- even high end ones -- have. The dark chocolate bar also has no vanilla, which I prefer. In fact, it's one of the better chocolate bars I've tasted recently, and certainly a great value at that price. They also had the dark chocolate Snickers snowmen (which Oakland was out of) -- I stocked up! (vbg)

        1. Some interesting things at RWC GO today...

          I didn't get these but noted them:

          The Greek Gods greek yogurt (vanilla cinnamon orange flavor- $2 for 1
          (Seriously, no commas. That's one flavor)
          Land O'Lakes "Country Morning Blend" -- 60% margarine, 40% butter, 1 lb. block.
          Silk soy milk (individual size box) vanilla flavor - 3 for $1
          Seeds of Change pasta sauce -- Porcini mushroom and Puttanesca - $1.99
          Newman's Own Organic Tomato Basil sauce - $1.99 (I think)

          Even more Xmas candy & cookies have come in -- Crunch bar Jingles, gingerbread slice and bake cookies. They also had a party pack of Kaukauna cheese balls -- 3 flavors in case you didn't get enough over the holidays. :-)

          The stuff I did get was pretty boring --
          Quaker instant oatmeal - apples & cinnamon - $2.49
          Shop Rite Organic Rosemary and Thyme potato chips - $1.69
          Chunky "Healthy Request" Chicken Noodle Soup - $1.59 (seen them at Target for the same price)
          Rykrisps - Seasoned - 99 cents

          From last month, I tried the Kahiki Foods frozen General Tso's chicken. I've seen it at Whole Foods. It was fine, but nothing to write home about. The chicken had a nice actually grilled flavor, the frozen veg was ok, but you could tell they were frozen. Brown rice in it was pretty flavorless. They also have Szechuan Beef and Mandarin Orange Chicken.

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          1. re: kivarita

            The Greek Gods yogurt is terrible -- avoid at any cost! It's not real strained Greek yogurt, it's just got added thickeners.

            On the other hand, those ShopRite organic potato chips are yummy.

          2. Stopped by the Hayward GO and bought:

            1) Hardy's Shiraz/Grenache box wine 3L for $2.99
            2) Jack Daniels BBQ sauce 99 cents (expiration 7/08)
            3) Portofino ground coffee (28 oz) $2.99

            No Aidell's sausages here, only another brand (Chef Select?). Also no tangerines. This store appears smaller than Berkeley or Oakland locations.

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            1. re: baron45

              Just a note on the items purchased above:

              1. The Portofino coffee is awful-----very bitter.
              2. The Hardy's wine is very light, almost rose-like but it is not labeled as such. Too fruity and without any backbone.
              3. Haven't tried the BBQ sauce yet.

            2. Been a pretty slow month for GO finds...Spotted today at RWC GO:

              -Essn sodas/juices - meyer lemon and pomegranate cherry - 99c (www.drinkessn.com
              )-Pacific Foods organic crushed tomatoes - 2 for $1
              -Wallaby organic yogurt (vanilla bean flavor) - 3 for $1 (exp. Feb. 6)
              -Uncle Louie G Ice Cream (strawberry, spumoni) -- purports to be "homemade gourmet" yet has HFCS...who knows.
              -Three Thieves Syrah (mini-jug)

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              1. re: kivarita

                Yeah, it has been a slow month

                The Pacific Foods organic crushed tomatoes (tomato sauce also available) in 13.7 oz boxes are fine. The crushed tomatoes are really more like a chunky suace or puree. The are both on the neutral-side taste wise. Nothing exciting. I bought some more sauce after trying since I doctor it up anyway. I'm not sure yet if I want more crushed tomatoes. WIll have to see how they work in a recipe I'm making tommorrow.

                A few other items
                - Tropicana Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice (not concentrate) 1/2 gallon $2.29
                - Smoked mussels 79 cents (good)
                - The 79 cent Seagold smoked oysters are pieces which I saw after the fact. Whole smoked oysters are 99 cents

                The San Pablo store seems to have the best selection of Aidell's sausage. Yesterday they had pesto (haven't tried it yet) and my favoirite hanenero. $2.99

                The 3oz packages of Pillar Point wild Alaska salmon (pink or sockeye) were good. Oakland carries them. I liked the sockeye a little better, it was deeper pink and a bit oilier. They were 99 cents and $1.49. I don't remember which is which, but I'd say price difference-wise, there's not a significant difference so go with the 99 cent one whichever that is.

                Skip - Back to Nature Harvest Blend trail mix $1.29. This would have been good if the dried apricots weren't rock hard and inedible. The walnuts had an off taste too.

                Meh - Domain Laurier Brut $5.99 ... I had the "brilliant idea this would be great with the ruby red grapefruit juice ... SO wrong ... on it's own it was only ok. Wouldn't buy it again.

                Seasons have changed and the little three pound bag of clementines are now small mineola tangerines. These are good as far as mineolas go but I don't like mineolas in general because I like sweeter oranges. I am guessing labeling laws changed with the new year so you might check the label out ... it's sort of the same thing I'm guessing as the law labeling balsamic vinegar.

                Grape tomates are $1.29 and about the same quality as those I bought at Whole Foods last week for $1.50 ... out of season ... but if you gotta have a tomato the price is good, just not much flavor.

                I guess there isn't a cheap boxed wine I can resist. Though Robert had a thumbs down on the pinot grigio, I gave Angel Juice reisling a try ... and I don't like reisling ... so what's that about?

                It actually wasn't bad .... not reisling though ... kind of inoffensive. I think this was way too kind to it.

              2. Thank you so much for making this a regular thing. I love Grocery Outlet and I love these postings! It's just fantastic to hear about the bargains. I plan on adding my info as a reply too. In fact, here's some right here:
                1. Jones Soda: Cherry Soda, diet- is a buy
                2. Hansen's Ginger Green Tea, diet- is a buy
                3. Les Comtes de Provence Clementine Preserve, orgainic- is a buy
                4. St. Dalfour French Recipe Fig Preserve- is a buy
                5. Back to Nature all Natural Harvest Blend fruit and nut mix - is a BIG bargain and a buy. Watch the dried apricots. They are a little hard but still enjoyable
                6. Kashi Brand stuff- all of it I bought was good - they are a buy
                7. Ghirardelli caramel squares do not have the same after taste as the Newman's peanutbutter cups as mentioned before. - is a buy
                8. Orchard Valley Harvest Wasabi Cheddar Supreme "chex"-like mix- NO buy thumbsdown.
                9. Spires 1.99 Chardonay- NO buy thumbsdown
                10. Spires 1.99 Shiraz- is a buy
                11. Fresh strawberries and pineapples are fine. The pineapple is really ripe so eat close to purchase date.
                12. Cordier boxed wine red was very "bitty" at the end of the box.

                Enjoy our bay area bargains!

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                1. re: supersuz

                  You haven't seen #3 around recently, have you? They sold out really quickly and my understanding was it was a one-time buy. If anyone sees them still in stock somewhere, I'd love to know about it!

                  Oakland GO today had three brands of organic pasta sauce: Newman's Own for $1.49 and Seeds of Change (Puttanesca and Porchini flavors) and Nature's Best (Puttanesca and Marinara with Garlic) for $1.99. After looking at the labels, I bought one each of the Nature's Best -- I love it when there's nothing in a product I wouldn't put in myself! I'll report back on those when I open them. Ditto on the frozen Mexican veggie mix of poblano peppers, corn, onions and "Mexican zucchini" which was $1.99 for a big (28 oz, I think) bag.

                  1. re: Ruth Lafler

                    The Seeds of Change puttanesca has a bit of heat and a fair amount of olives. I could see the little tiny capers if I looked hard, but I couldn't really taste them. Couldn't taste the anchovies at all. I wouldn't get it again, just because I can make a better sauce myself without too much trouble. I'd like to hear what you think of Nature's Best.

                    1. re: Glencora

                      I opened the Nature's Best garlic marinara tonight, and I was happy with it -- it's nicely seasoned and unlike most commercial tomato-based sauces, it isn't particularly sweet. That is, it's got a hit of tomato sweetness on the front, but instead building and becoming cloying, it fades and reveals some nice acidity and herbal notes on the finish.

                  2. re: supersuz

                    On the Kashi cereals, husband liked the Orchard Spice granola (13.7 oz. box $2.49) and RWC also added the (cranberry) Mountain Medley this week (2 lb. 2 oz. box - $5.99). We'd been buying the Mtn. Medley at Costco in the last few months -- GO price didn't seem that great, but I bought one anyway since our Costco moved on to some other variety.

                  3. Berkeley Grocery Outlet this afternoon:

                    1. Elf Herring Fillets in Sour Cream, 8 oz. jar, $1.99. Best by 2/7/08, wild caught herring of Canada;
                    2. Alter Eco Organic Chai Spice Tea, 1.4 oz in about 20 tea bags, $1.99, In a cute wicker box, from Sri Lanka. Fair Trade. Best before 6/30/07 (sic);
                    3. WildWood Hummus, low fat, 12 oz. plastic tub, $1.79. Made with mostly organic ingredients. Also a 7 oz. tub for $1.29;
                    4. Soy Delicious Tiger Chai non-dairy frozen dessert, one pint for $1.49. Low fat, from Turtle Mountain of Eugene. OR;
                    5. Seeds of Change frozen entrees, 10 oz., $1.99 each. Athenian Orzo (whole grained wheat pasta) with Sauce, Lentils, Cheese and Vegetables. Also Moroccan Lentil Tangine with linguini, lentils, tomato, raisins. Both entrees are mostly organic. Best before 12/2007.

                    So far have only tried the Elf Herring and the Soy Chai frozen dessert, both good.

                    Oddly, walked past De Afghanan Kabob House at 1160 University at about 11:30 am and it wasn't open yet. No hours were posted on the window.

                    1. Went by the Hayward GO today and all wine was 20% off. They also had Lindt Madagascar Dark bars and lemon tart milk chocolate bars as for $.99.

                      1. The 2002 Cordier bag-in-box I bought a few months ago was (unlike most wines I've bought at GroceOut) drinkable, but it was definitely over the hill, should have been drunk up by probably mid-2005.