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Jan 8, 2008 12:44 PM


We have one of these places going up in our area .Is there any thing good on the menue .Is it worth a visit .We like the Bone Fish Grill that is also part of a chain ,but they have some very good dishes ...

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  1. I get the filet mignon done medium with a baked potato and a side of broccoli. Tasty, though I'm sure none of it is organic. I also like their margaritas and brownie sundae. Don't go expecting haute cuisine and you should be fine. I like it much better than Outback.

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    1. re: Heatherb

      I'll have to go the other way with you on this one with comparison of chains.......but not for the steak...rather the overall experience.

      My trip to a local Longhorn that opened in Northern New Jersey left me with less than stellar moments. I too ordered the Filet Mignon, but my was supposed to be 'Encrusted with Blue Cheese". When it arrived at the table, it was less than an 8 ounce, dried up and gray in appearance and had literally four small blue cheese crumbles......I called the manager over to see if it was served properly, and he said yes. I opined I thought four crumbles was less than encrusted. I refused because of the blue cheese, but because of the appearance.

      For a positive note, one of my friend swears by the ribs and goes there frequently for lunch.........which OutBack does not offer.

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        Ew. That sounds like a horrible experience. I go to the one in Hamilton Township relatively frequently. I've always had great service and the filet mignon has always been big and juicy (although sometimes cooked a little less than medium, like I ask, which I'm fine with). They've also got a great bartender at that one. Chains can have a lot of variation between their restaurants, I guess...

    2. I think Longhorn’s is head and shoulders above the other chains of this genre. I’ve had a number of the steaks at the one in Hamilton Marketplace on Route 130 in Hamilton Twp., and they were all excellent, not on par with Lugers or the Homestead, but very good for the money. For lunch I particularly liked the chopped steak. It’s a sirloin hamburger served with an excellent Bordelaise or Wine Merchant’s sauce, mushrooms and frizzled onions. I liked it so much that the next time I had dinner there I asked and received the sauce on their filet at no extra cost by the way. It was great. I’d highly recommend that you try it for a casual evening out.

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        Heatherb and TomDel,

        With respect to Northern New Jersey, and specifically in Rochelle Park, on the Route 17 North corridor to reach Paramus is where you will find the LongHorn SteakHouse first and then the OutBack SteakHouse a few hundred feet up the road. The OutBack arrived first and the LongHorn appeared a number of years after. On any given day with these two particular locations, the LHS parking lot is always less than half full with cars(the lot is also shared with a Burger King), while the OBS is always full with diners sitting on benches out in front of the restaurant after 6 PM.

        What does this all mean? Just that in this area, apparently the public prefers OBS. What I take from this is what has been mentioned many times before. When it comes to Chains..........Service and Quality vary greatly depending upon ownership and their policies, which directly affects specific location experiences

        As for my reluctance to go to either LHS or OBS, the reason is there is an excellent privately owned restaurant just off Route 4 North which is my regular hangout, that is closer to me and less than 5 minutes away from the other two restaurants that serve much much better prime steak.....prices not withstanding.

        BTW......TD.....did you try the slow roasted prime rib or rack of lamb at OB yet?

        1. re: fourunder

          Why the difference? It's probably more due to advertising than anything else. Longhorn does very little if any advertising; Outback is in your face. Thus everyone knows about Outback, but they know little about Longhorn. So they stick with the familiar.

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            Question.....why the difference......the difference in what specifically?

            I do not know the business model of either Chain, other than to serve as many as customers as possible...but the strategy of LongHorn appears to me to be similar to what Wendy's did early on........with little advertising dollars to spend, they simply acquired any locations of land adjacent to existing McDonald's Restaurant locations and rode off McD's coattails.

            1. re: fourunder

              You've got me. It seems silly. The first time I saw one (Hazlet) I thought , "What's that?" We ate there a couple times and were pleased, but it was not a convenient location for us so haven't been back in years. The one in Eatontown was surrounded by so many chain joints that it got no traffic at all and closed up rather quickly.

          2. re: fourunder

            Fourunder – You’re lucky to have that steakhouse so close to home. The only real steakhouses near me are Pete Lorenzo’s and KC Prime and I haven’t been crazy about either based upon my last couple of visits to each. The only other steakhouse near me was Timothy’s in the Chambersburg section of Trenton, but it closed before I got around to trying it. I think I might give Scorpios (that new place in Jackson) a try in the near future.

            I haven’t been back to OB yet. I’m kind of interested in trying Basil’s Legends in Hightstown. They feature lamb and offer both New Zealand and American chops. I figured I’d order one type and my wife would order the other and we could share and compare them.

            1. re: TomDel

              I have been to Scorpio's 3 times since it opened .It has potential ,but do not rush over.. It is not the real thing yet and may never reach that goal ....They have alot of isues is cooking meat to order ..The bar prices are fair and bar people try to do the right time .Owners/management need to be more visable ,friendly,knowlegable and proactive ..wait and see

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            I like Longhorn, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't call it the best chain in this genre. I can think of two others that blow Longhorn away and that, in my opinion, is hard to do. One is called Saltgrass (owned by Landrys Restaurants) and the other is called Texas Land and Cattle (owned by Lone Star Steakhouse). Both of them are fantastic and they're spreading rapidly outside of Texas.

          4. Well, for kicks, try the black pepper blue cheese burger and ALWAYS order fries with light or no dust and you will always get super fresh, hot crispy fries. Good stuff. Oh and the firecracker chicken wraps are good too!

            1. The 7-pepper sirloin salad is pretty good. I always ask for only a little of the bleu cheese crumbles as I think they tend to go overboard. I also opt to have mine with vinegarette on the side rather than the bleu cheese dressing to try to lighten it up a bit.

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              1. re: ArikaDawn

                Longhorn is one of the better chain places in the area where I live. I usually get the chopped steak, a glorified burger that they'll usually agree to cook medium rare like I like it. They did, however, decide a year or two ago to glop it up with some kind of icky sauce. But they'll still serve it with the simple grilled onions and mushrooms it used to come with.

                1. re: Emm

                  I guess “icky” like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I think their bordelaise sauce is great

                  1. re: TomDel

                    Sure, tastes vary. More than anything else, just a heads-up that you can order it the old way. I liked the simplicity, I guess.

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