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Jan 8, 2008 12:35 PM

Sunday Prix Fixe Dinner

I'm looking for a nice place to eat dinner this Sunday. I'm open to all cuisines located anywhere in Manhattan. I'd prefer a place that offered a special Sunday prix fixe menu that made a pricier restaurant a bit more affordable. I've already been to Alias on the LES, which was good food for a great deal. Any other recommendations?

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  1. I hear good things about compass' prixe fixe ( though i havent made it there yet myself). I believe they also do half priced wine on sundays

    1. Jane Restaurant has $12 entrees. Haven't been, but I've heard good things about that restaurant.

      1. If you like Italian, L'Impero offers their Domenica Rustica prix fixe on Sundays. LaVagna in the East Village also has a prix fixe on Sundays.

        1. Much like the suggestion of Compass, I'd recommend Chef Fraser's new place Dovetail, on the UWS, $38 2 Course Sunday menu. If you get wine, dessert, sherry, and everything it can run up a bit, but if you are just looking for a meal cheaper than it typically would be, it is an option