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Jan 8, 2008 12:30 PM

Treehouse Sushi, Montreal, Any info?

My partner and I went to the most amazing sushi place in Montreal which I think was called Treehouse Sushi while on vacation there a couple years ago. We recommended it to friends who went up last year and they returned saying it had closed. We're hoping to return to Montreal this year and are wondering if the Chef has a new restaurant in town or if whomever made the wasabi-chocolate cake dessert is still around? We went there twice while visiting because it was some of the best sushi we'd had in our travels and that dessert knocked my socks off!

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  1. If I am not mistaken, the same chef now has a smaller business in Laurier E.

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      Less than stellar reviews when a group of people who had won their bid for $50 worth of sushi at Treehouse Sushi were very badly treated and the food was equally disappointing.

    2. Treehouse doesn't exist anymore. The chef has his own restaurant/take-out counter called Tri Express on Laurier street in Montréal. They don't have any dessert and don't have a wine permit either. The only thing they serve is sushi and sushi. More than 70% is for take out.

      1. He is at Tri Express on Laurier East. Just sit at the counter, give him carte blanche and watch him prepare your food. It will be fantastic, I am sure. Best for lunch because the place is tiny and there is no wine (sake) permit.