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May 8, 2001 01:53 AM

Kruang Tedd

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What kind of Thai food does this place serve? Is it fancy or really casual? Also, are the prices comparable to the nearby Sanamluang cafe?

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    Dylan Yolles

    I found the food there pretty typical for the area, ie., the usual assortment of Thai-Chinese dishes you find in Thai town with some bias towards bar snacky type foods. Samnalung is more noodle focused. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of either but both will do for cheap food at any hour.

    Is there any place in Thai town that really stands above the others, e.g., making curries from scratch with very fresh spices and house made coconut milk?


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      Kruang Ted is one of my favorite restaurants in Thai Town. They have a number of things on the menu that aren't typical in American Thai restaurants, such as Thai beef jerky which they helpfully serve with sticky rice. I also like the place itself, which is cleaner, better decorated and just generally hipper than the average Thai restaurant. The staff and clientele tend to be younger Thais and they have entertainment on weekends. The staff are also very helpful if you question them about the menu, specials, etc.

      I ate at Sanamluang the other day (a few days after returning from Thailand) and have to say that I wasn't that impressed. They are really more of a pan-asian noodle house than a Thai restaurant per se.

      Another place that I really like that is just a hole in the wall is a place a bit west of there called Rodded Thai Restaurant. Their menu is more Thai-Chinese but they have some excellent Thai specials.

      I have found that at every Thai restaurant in L.A. that I have to chat them up and tell them that I travel to Thailand and love real Thai food if I want to get something authentic. Otherwise, everything is watered down for the American palate. I ask them to make it Thai style and this usually improves it markedly.