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Jan 8, 2008 12:12 PM

Ground Chicken Question

I have a bunch of ground chicken in my freezer, but the problem is when I make chicken balls (instead of meatballs using beef) it gets dried out. Same with using ground chicken for burgers or in stuffed cabbage. Is there anything I can do to prevent it? I understand the fact that it's got less fat means it won't be as moist, but there's got to be something I can do with it that's flavorful. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Maybe try adding some grated onion when you add whatever else you normally add. That's what I have had luck with when I have used ground turkey. With the water in the onions, that may help.

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      i do this too! and the key is grated onion...i pulverize mine until it looks like applesauce, but grating should give you the same results. it seems as if the onions sort of melt when they cook giving you a nice, moist meatball. i'd also suggest adding cheese for the same melting properties, but most people use chicken to make it less fatty...another important thing i've noticed is that when you pack the meatball or burger, you need to use a very light touch...densely packing the meat is not recommended.

    2. I know this totally defeats your reason for using chicken in the first place, but when I make turkey burgers, I press a tsp of cold butter into the center of the burgers. They are really great this way. Actually, I recall hearing about some famous chef who placed a small chunk of ice in the center of a burger to keep it moist.

      1. Try mixing in a bit of breadcrumb or milk soaked crumbs and wet seasonings like tabasco or hot sauce instead of chili powder or flakes.

        1. I use ground turkey instead of ground chicken for my meatballs (due to the chicken's texture) and I mix in bread crumbs, ketchup and sauteed onions. Works for us and by the way, it works as a meat loaf or burger, just season it the way you want.

          1. I made RR's turkey burgers with spinach and feta the other night and they stayed moist and we quite enjoyed them!