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Jan 8, 2008 12:07 PM

Veggie-friendly restaurant with great steak in Harvard/Central/Porter/Inman Squares

Hey there,
As a long-term vegetarian whose meat-loving dad is coming to town, I am a bit in a bind about where to go for dinner.
The restaurant should be in one of the four squares, as I need to use public transportation. Entrees should be around 15-25 Dollars, I don't want to tax his portemonnaie too much. And nothing too exotic, he couldn't handle that.

So, good vegetarian options and great steak.
Help me out?

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  1. I'm going to have to go with Rendezvous in Central Square: great vegetarian options, but the steak comes with good ol' mushrooms and mashed potatoes. Menu:

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      I'll second this. Rendezvous is a nice place for a visiting meat eater and their vegetarian offspring. Good choice.

    2. I still haven't been, but Garden at the Cellar has received some great reviews here. I see that their menu currently sports a steak frites, as well as some veggie-friendliness:

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        Ate at Garden at the Cellar last night. Have been 3 times in the past 9 months.

        They have changed their steak frites. What used to be a hangar is now a ribeye and the presentation is different. Was a huge disappointment. Ribeye was just meh while the hangar had better flavor and texture imo for a steak frites. Rosemary/truffle fries were great. The special appetizer of tuna carpaccio rolled around (I think) a bean puree and then partially cooked at the table in a hot broth was unique and very good.

      2. If you feel like staying on the red line to South Station, consider Les Zygomates. Very nice steak frites and always a veggie entree. Plus live jazz, if your dad would enjoy that(?)

        1. Green Street has steak frites as well as pot roast. There are several vegetarian dishes including apps, and some vegetarian sides, too.