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Jan 8, 2008 11:45 AM

Granitas - What Are Your Favorites?

I made one for the first time on Sunday - Tangerine - and it was delicious. I did some searching and while there are some discussions of granitas in other threads ( ) I didn't see any dedicated to granitas. I'll post the recipe for the one I made, but would love to know what some of your favorite recipes are.

I have a couple of blood oranges, sweet limes and meyer lemons and want to give those a go - though not enough of each to make a one flavor one - not sure if I'll be wasting them if I put all the juices together.

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  1. I love making a lemon-basil-parsley granita for serving during or after a meal as a palate cleanser. It's awesome.

    1. I love the espresso granita from the Zuni cookbook. It's served with whipped cream to balance out the strong coffee flavor.

      This past summer, I made a watermelon/lime zest granita with a bit of fleur de sel. It was light and refreshing and a great hot weather dessert.

      1. My favorite in the summer is a cantelope, honey, and mint. So refreshing and a great way to use a cantelope that got just a little too ripe. I finished it with a couple dashes of chili powder to add some depth of flavor and color.

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          I made a tequila, lime and cilantro granita as an intermezzo at a Southwest wine dinner. I was a big hit.

        2. A couple of years ago a granita with ruby red grapefruit juice and fresh tarragon was posted on CH......I have made it many times - it's great!!! If you can't find by search I can post....

          1. I've made blueberry ginger granita which is terrific, the ginger did not overpower the great blueberry taste.