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Jan 8, 2008 11:44 AM

Annual SLC trip.

I'll be in SLC for 4 days toward the end of January, staying on Foothill Dr., venturing up the Cottonwood Canyons for skiing during the day, but only after a civilized breakfast. I adored the Blue Plate last year, but would love other breakfast recommendations in that neck of the woods or not too far from there. As for dinners, I will definitely get back to Red Iguana. Wondered if anyone could recommend some choices in the Thai/Vietnamese/Chinese categories, or anything else that is new or different or off the beaten path. Any thoughts on Monsoon Thai Bistro? Cafe Trang? Thanks!

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  1. Monsoon Thai is great for Thai, one of my favourites! Check out their website ( for a buy one get one free entree coupon. These are often in the local free 'City Weekly' paper as well.

    Another relatively new place is "Indochine Vietnamese Bistro" up by the University, which is getting some positive reviews of late.

    I must confess to never having a really really great Chinese yet in SLC, maybe some else has?


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      Best Chinese by far is Szechuan Garden, 8600s and 1300e.

    2. Any breakfast ideas, preferably in the Sugarhouse area or thereabouts?

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        Fiddlers Elbow opens early and does decent bar food:

        Although a little drive from Sugarhouse (not too far), Ruths diner is somewhat of an institution:

        Blue Plate Diner seems to get mentioned a lot although I have never been there.


      2. If you are staying on Foothill Dr. Ruth's Diner is not far at all (just a few minutes up Emigration Canyon past the zoo) and for sure a *not miss* for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are good as well, but I prefer the breakfast and/or brunch experience.