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Jan 8, 2008 11:41 AM

Dorie's Sticky buns

I really want to make these but don't have a standing mixer. Just wondering if the 10 minutes of mixing can be replaced by kneading. Her description of the dough as being batter like makes me doubt it can be done. Is it possible to do a low tech version of these? Didn't they have sticky buns on the prairie?

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  1. I haven't made her sticky buns yet, so I don't know how stiff her dough is. But, if it is batter-like and too wet to knead, you could go the ultra-low tech way and stir it around with a wooden spoon. I'm sure your arms will get way tired, but it can be done.

    1. I have made the sticky buns and, no, the mixing can't be replaced by kneading. The dough really is too soft at that point. Much as I love that recipe, I don't think I'd attempt it by hand. It's not just that last 10 minutes of mixing, but also mixing in 3 sticks of butter, 2 tablespoons at a time, until each is incorporated. An ambidextrous Schwarzneggar might want to take it on as a challenge, not I. Do you have a heavy duty hand held? That might work.

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        This is a brioche dough. I can't imagine doing it well by hand...

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          I can't either. But there was brioche before there was KitchenAid. Someone must have.

      2. I haven't made her recipe but I have done these in the past and as the others have echoed the dough is so soft you really need the mixer. An option might be to enlist a friend's assistance that has a mixer in exchange for nibbles from you. Not only do you gain the tool you need but a willing taste tester to boot.

        1. With really soft, sticky dough, Father Kitchen recommended kneading it like a taffy pull. I haven't done Dorie Greenspan's sticky buns but have done that with other dough and it worked fine. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves (wear short sleeves) and your hands will be covered w/ dough. I've tried wetting my hands but it feels like a losing battle. I am thinking that coating them w/ a little oil would help.

          You can also do it in a food processor. You process for 30 second increments. I have problems with this technique because you can't feel the dough and I can't tell when it's enough.

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            Thanks to all of you for the advice. You've saved me from a kitchen disaster. I've never made brioche and had no idea the method was so different from traditonal bread making. The urge to make it was brought on by seeing Bobby Flay 's Throw Down show during which he challenged Joanne Chang (Flour Bakery, Boston) to a sticky bun showdown. She won (yea!) and her buttery dough reminded me of Dorie's. Oh well, I guess I'll stick to traditional cinnamon buns, make a trip to Flour and buy Joanne's, and start considering a Kitchenaid because I'm anxious to try marshmallows too.

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              Keep an eye out at Amazon. They carry the refurbished Kitchen Aid Pro 5 and I've seen it for as low as $129. As with all Kitchenaid products that have been returned, they have been tested and are under warranty. You will find similar items on the Kitchenaid website in the outlet area.