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May 7, 2001 05:23 PM

Fenix, Traxx, Rockenwagner - thoughts?

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Nothing really tying these restaurants together, other than the fact that they all seem to have very cool settings, and good (great?) food. Plus, with some special occaisions around the corner, I'm on the prowl for some special restaurants. (And, let me tell you, after the last few days of posts, Valentino is OUT.) So, please share your thoughts about these locations on any level...

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  1. Traxx is really fun because of the location. The food is good, not spectacular. I've been there twice but can't remember what I ate, so i don't think it was that memorable.

    I've been to Rockenwagner, but only for brunch. I found it delightful. I also like Rock a lot. I don't even think of one of them as more upscale than the other. But I've only been to Rockenwagner for brunch, which was very casual.

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      Rockenwagner is one of my favorite places to eat in LA. Although he gets dissed a lot by some frequent contributors to this list, I think Hans Rockenwagner runs a great restaurant. The menu is interesting and it tends to change seasonally and the wine list is short but with a number of interesting selections, very fairly priced. (If you order a red meat dish, I would recommend you try the Stags Leap Petite Syrah.)

      The kitchen pays attention to detail here. If you order something a certain way or make a special request they will always make it just how you want it. Unlike a lot of L.A. restaurants, it's also very consistent. I have never had a bad - or even disappointing - meal here. Dinner for two with a nice bottle of wine will run you about $150 with tip.

      As you pointed out, the decor is very nice and the service is highly professional. It's also terrific for breakfast.

      1. re: Jeff Falls

        Rockenwagner is a decent restaurant but my experience there wasn't especially memoriable. The signature crab souffle was a bit of a dissapointment actually. The crab essence was little salty and a little too pungent.

        In that area, I prefer Joes and Jiraffe. I'm not sure if they do brunch, but I would take those over Rockenwagner any day for dinner. Chinois on Main is my hands-down favorite but that might not be what you're looking for in terms of cusine.