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Jan 8, 2008 11:20 AM

Fraiche or All' Angelo?

My parents are coming to town in a couple of weeks and wanted Italian, so I made reservations at Fraiche and All' Angelo. Reviews for both have been glowing and I'm anxious to try either one. If anyone has been to both, please help me decide where to go!

My parents are very accomplished chefs, so food is the most important factor here. They care more about execution than innovation, but that’s not to say they don’t enjoy trying new things. Price and neighborhood don’t matter, since they’re both in the same price range and near my home in West Hollywood. A good wine list is appreciated. As for atmosphere, they don’t like anything stuffy (i.e. waiters constantly refolding your napkin) and trendy (i.e. stuck-up staff, too loud to hear a conversation).

Any thoughts? I’d like to stick to these two restaurants, but I’m open to suggestions if they meet my criteria and are open on Mondays. Thanks!

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  1. fraiche is french influenced. so if your folks want italian go to all angelo.

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      I understand that, but they're not purists and Fraiche seems to have both French and Italian to try.

      1. re: wilafur

        I don't know where you got that from. Having been to Fraiche several times, I can say with confidence this is not just a French inspired menu, though some items are. There is a great selections of pastas. Many of the entrees are Italian influenced. The wine list has a strong Italian influence and is well chosen. It seems more Italian inspired than French. YMMV.

        To the OP: Both restaurants are outstanding. Fraiche is probably easier on the wallet. I've had nothing but excellent service at both. You can't go wrong at either place.

        1. re: Grog

          I've only been to Fraiche, and I didn't like it and neither did my mother who went with me. Since you inquire about Italian, one of the things I had was the rigatoni, which was considerably over-salted, which I actually like but most people would have found way too salty. So I wouldn't say Italian is one of their strong suits.

      2. I like All' Angelo alot. Go there.

        1. I have not been to All'Angelo, but have tried Fraiche and the service was absolutely terrible and the food not really anything special. Although the ambiance is nice, after the level of service we received there, it felt much more like a tourist trap at a great location than the fabulous new restaurant it is touted to be.

          1. While I like Fraiche a lot (and go there far more often), the food and service at All'Angelo is better and more impressive. Fraiche's prcies are less expensive than All'Angelo's, though.

            1. I've been to Fraiche a number of times; still need to try All' Angelo. The highlights at Fraiche are their pastas, they do them very well. The other dishes can be somewhat hit and miss, mostly hit. All the salads I've tried have been excellent except the farro, which I thought was just bland. The service is very hit and miss, there are one or two servers there who are really good at what they do, the others seem to be actors in training. But they have excellent specialty cocktails.