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May 7, 2001 05:15 PM

Most Parisian restaurant (with accordion music)?

  • j

Any thoughts about what might be the most stereotypically (yet still reasonably good food) Parisian/French restaurant/bistroy in LA? As a bonus, know any French (or Italian) restaurants that ever feature strolling accordions?

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  1. I like Frency's Bistro in Long Beach. 4137 E. Anaheim St. 562/494-8787


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    1. re: LBQT

      It's Frenchy's, folks. I can't type.

      1. re: LBQT

        This is more of a Sunday, hang out on the porch and eat rilletes and drink wine place...But it is soooooo good.

        French Market Cafe,
        Abbott Kinney and Venice
        Venice, CA