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Jan 8, 2008 10:52 AM

UWS laid back & yummy for tonight

Looking for a laid back and delicious meal for 4 tonight....ideas...

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  1. Celeste is my favorite. Simple, delicious, inexpensive pastas and pizzas on 84th and Amsterdam.

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      While I am a fan of Celeste, I find the food and ambiance a bit more to my liking at Genarro. Plus the line is usually longer at Celeste Both good inexpensive Italian and both Cash Only. Gennaro is on 92nd and Amst

      1. re: comidaqueen

        Celeste is not laid back, it's rushed and crowded. Plus the food is just barely ok, it survives because it's on the UWS. You're better off at Land or Kefi.

      2. kefi (79th between broadway and amsterdam, i think) is delicious. they don't take reservations, which can result in a bit of a wait, but it's yummy and moderately priced. not that quiet, though.

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        1. freds is my go to restaurant, they make a great burger. casual atmosphere, good food and lots of pics of dogs on the wall. la vela is good, not too expensive casual italian. cilantro is good for southwest/mex.

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            Fred's is awful. You can stay home and make better food and not spend the money. Genarro is the place-cozy and yummy.

          2. Gennaro is always good. Do order from the specials there. I like Pio Pio, too. Good sangria & chicken.