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Jan 8, 2008 10:32 AM

"12 Pine", Peterborough N H ?

Iam planning on taking my "30 something" nieces and nephews to 12 Pine in Peterborough, Nh for a light supper before we go to a production at the Peterborough Players next summer. Ive never been there but have heard many good comments from folks that have been there. What can we expext as far as types of offerings, i know summer is a way off but can anyone give me a General feel for the place, the food, atmosphere etc etc etc? Or, is there any other casual type, good food place in the area other than "12 Pine" you might recommend instead.

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  1. 12 Pine is an upscale, and very nice gourmet shop that sells prepared foods. You choose what you want from the day's selections, they heat it up for you, and you find a table and eat. They also make their own fabulous gelati. If you're looking for a sit-down place with waiter service and cocktails, Acqua Bistro or Pearl Restaurant & Oyster Bar might be more up your alley.

    1. Another casual, sit down place in Peterborough is Harlow's Pub which has burgers, sandwiches, soups and salads. A little further away in Dublin is Del Rossi's on Route 137 just about a mile north of Route 101 which has an Italian menu. We love Acqua, too, but it is more expensive and upscale than 12 Pine, Harlow's or Del Rossi's. Acqua does have a bar menu, though, which might serve your light dinner needs before the show. My recollection is that 12 Pine is not open very late (maybe 5-6 ish on the weekends) and is more of a gourmet shop/lunch/coffee place, so you might want to check their hours to see if it will coincide with your show time.

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        IIRC they are open until about 7PM, but they do the majority of their business at lunch . So selections come dinner may be a bit slim . The locals nickname it "12 Bucks " due to the relatively expensive prices on some items . On a side note, I stopped going a while ago due to the wretched service behind the counter - it can take a long time for the simplest order . If you are bringing kids, I think I would follow other's advice and go to Harlows - a nice pub just around the corner . However, Harlows does NOT have burgers ( probably since they don't have a fryolator ) .

        Another choice for light fare would be Pearl - good food and atmosphere .

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          Has anybody tried the new place in the old movie theater? Used to be Gatti"s?

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            You're right that they do not have regular beef burgers, but they do have veggie burgers and other hot sandwiches - both veggie and meat.

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              Harlowe's would be a great choice and they have full dinners Thurs-Sat and the best prime rib in town. HOWEVER, on Friday and Sat the place is a zoo because the after work crowd goes there. Sat. nite is actually quieter.

        2. Thanks for the tips and info, i may change the "plan."