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Jan 8, 2008 10:11 AM

Bacon-wrapped Banana Tempura! How can I do it?

So, I went to a bacon dinner (yes, 6 courses all made with bacon!!!) recently and the standout item for me was a passed canape we had before sitting down for the meal. They were little skewers which each had a slice of banana, wrapped in bacon, with a crunchy golden coating of tempura batter. They were offered with a dipping sauce which I can best compare to a sweet-chili Thai-style sauce. They were phenomenal!!!!
So I've decided to try this recipe at home and am looking for maybe some pointers on how to best prepare this dish as a couple factors come to mind.
1) The bacon: should it be raw? cooked in a pan until soft, but not crispy? perhaps boiled or blanched to help it cook a little more?
2) The bananas: should I go for some pretty firm, green-skinned ones? Opt for riper ones and hope they don't get too mushy during frying?
Anybody have any advice?
I'm also planning on contacting the group who hosted the dinner to see about coaxing a recipe out of the chef.

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  1. i hate to ask this but could it have been plaintain, not banana in the middle?

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      Perhaps the chef used plantains, but if my memory is correct, the menu actually said bananas. I'm hoping to hear from the Chef who prepared the dish. Maybe he used plantains or even those miniature bananas?

    2. I would think that you would need to use a slightly under ripe banana. If the bacon is thin enough, the time that it takes to make the tempura batter golden brown should be sufficient to cook raw bacon.

      1. either way it sounds really good - i am with the other poster - i would use a firm yellow banana . I would wrap the thin ( it may have been blanched) bacon around the banana then i would roll in flour and then into tempiura batter and then hot oil.
        keep us posted im interested in how it turns out ....sounds like an interesting texture and flavor combo - and obvoiusly it worked or you wouldnt be trying to recreate it

        1. Oh. My. Goodness. Sounds surreally delicious. let us know how it turns out.