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cakes via the mail?

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does anyone know of a (internet) company that sends birthday cakes via FedEx? Looking to send a cake to someone in Bayonne NJ

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  1. Butterflake.com in teaneck will mail a birthday cake. They are not fully online as to ordering.

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      how much do you want to spend?

    2. Can't you drive it over? Or send it by car service from the nearest kosher bakery. Traditional birthday cakes are too hard to ship. Forgetting about the soft cake that might not survive FedEx, what about the cream? You'll end up with a real mush. Maybe a cake with hard icing, that's carefully packaged, will work. Maybe a seven layer cake, or some other firm cake. You can still write Happy Birthday on it. Or try Koshersupermarket.com or koshercornucopia.com. They may have something that works for you - like a gift basket.

      1. Bake me a wish sends dairy cakes

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          bakemeawish's cakes are great, go for them

        2. Juniors cheesecakes send via FedEx.

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            another cheescake option is Eli's Cheesecake out of Chicago - and they are under CRC supervision -


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              Junior's lost its hechscher last April. :-(

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                Oh no! That's so sad.

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                  I believe they have gotten a new one-I think I saw a kof-k in their ad pre-chanukkah

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                    If the topic is now, "all cakes and pastries in the mail," how about kringle.com (unusual and very tasty) or Miss Grace lemon cake (they look good in the catalogue but I have never had one)?

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                      I spoke to someone at the Kof-k. They are certifying Junior's (the cheesecakes, not the restaurant), but because some of the cakes being sold may have been made before they got the certification, you should only rely on cakes that have the Kof-k symbol on the box or on the shipping box.

              2. chantilly cakes does, I think http://www.chantilly.com/main.html

                Also, I think grandma's or boston coffee cakes are sent --I would google and find a company that sends them. Also try kosher cornucopia.com

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                  chantilly's cakes look better than they taste

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                    Not only do Chantilly's cakes look better than they taste, but the people who work there are awful to deal with. They have no patience and are just plain mean!

                2. Carousel Cakes are fabulous (made in Rockland County, NY). They have a website for orders and offer parve and dairy cakes. I sent a blackout chocolate cake across the country for a college student's 18th birthday last year - great success!

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                    I came across a website: 1800pareve.com. They seem to have a large selection - not birthday cakes though.