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Jan 8, 2008 10:00 AM

Melbourne Steak

I'm heading to Melbourne next week for the Aussie Open (tennis) and hoping to get some great steak. Any tips on the best steakhouse fairly close to the central business district of Melbourne?

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  1. Hi Bitter,

    1. 'The Botanical' has a few high-quality steak dishes on the menu (along with lots of other good stuff) and my boyfriend reckons they have the best fries in Melbourne too!! It's an extremely well regarded restauarant with prices to match. It's on Domain Road opp the Botanic Gardens, about ten mins from the CBD or the tennis by taxi.

    2. The Point often gets good reviews for its steak. It's at Albert Park overlooking the lake. Again 10 mins from the CBD, maybe 15 from the tennis in traffic.

    3. Vlados in Swan St Richmond is an institution. It's about 10 mins from the CBD or Rod Laver Arena by taxi too... It's a 'meat fest' set menu, kinda 'old school' but the steak is meant to be really good. The dessert is meant to be pretty bad though.

    4. Rockpool at the Casino... Expensive, but good.

    5. If you want a 'steak house' you could try Squire's Loft in Toorak Road... it's certainly not fine dining, but lots of guys I know like the steak there. They have ribs as well and the portions are generous... It's more American I suppose, with 'blue cheese' sauce as an option (which you won't find virtually anywhere else).

    6. Aussie pubs often do a good steak and chips. I'm not an expert, but I'm sure there are a couple in the City that would serve something pretty delish.

    1. France Soir on Toorak Road - the best steak frites I found in Melbourne - but better book soon if you wnat to go, it will be a busy weekend!