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Jan 8, 2008 09:57 AM

Mengrai Thai...price?

I have read such rave reviews on CH that I want to try this place... That said, I have checked the (rather comprehensive) menu online and there are no associated prices. I don't personally care, but I can't tell if this is a "date night with husband" kind of place or a "cheap and cheerful evening with the girls" place. Can anyone let me know what an average main or appetizer would be?


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  1. I walk by on the way home from work so on those days when I feel like thai I can walk
    in and hand in a order already filled out.

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      Well that didn't work, Pic is unreadable from chowhounds storage. Will try again.

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          That worked. Well done. I guess now would be a good time to mention they deliver as well in case you're lazy like me.

          morrigan, the room is nice enough for date night with the husband and funky enough for a girls night out. Their reasonable prices are really just a bonus.

    2. Me and my girlfriend finally had the chance to visit the place. My expectations were high and the result was average. The food was better then many other places I tried, my favorite would definetely be the so called #54.
      It was a special day for us trying to have a romantic evening out. First, a young male who seems the manager was coming over to our table to "check" and starring at my girlfriend chest in an uncomfortable way when we already had our server. Plus, since it was a special day for us (seeking for a romantic night out) was disturbed with all the cell phones rings and the owner talking loudly on the middle of the restaurant.
      Overral, i would go back, but for take out only

      1. I got to try it last night, had take out, it looked like there was a cozy nook or 2 but overall the interior is lacking and I don't plan on eating in...the food was pretty good though, I must admit it wasn't the Thai nirvana I was hoping for but it was noticably different than other TO offerings, the flavours were nicely detectable and verggies and meats were cooked perfectly...I found it to be stingy on the meat portioning though, their House Specialty Phad Thai had 3 or 4 med-small shrimp in it and the spicy beef dish wasn't very beefy, though what was there was tender and the veggies were good...I'd go back, but not a new favorite...oh, and we had 2 main dishes to share, a soup, sticky rice and plain rice for 32$...not bad...