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Jan 8, 2008 09:47 AM

Comfortable yet interesting pub/bistro with veg options

I'm looking for a pub/tapas/bistro whatever type of place that will have decent drinks, food, and a comfortable atmosphere. Going with a vegetarian friend and looking to catch up, so somewhere we can hold a conversation would be appreciated. Somewhere downtown, not too upscale or overpriced. A friend had suggested Prohibition (Queen & Broadview) but it seems to have a lot of negative feedback.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Czehoski on Queen Street West always has a couple of vegetarian options on the starter and mains..Some people on this board give somewhat negative reviews but I eat there on a regular basis and would still highly recommend the place. It fits your description above.

    1. Rebel House is good for that and they have vegetarian options:

      I like Czehoski. edited to add that the veggie burger I had at Czehoski when I was there was one of the best I've ever had - it was divine really - and not healthy at all! It was on a brioche bun and it was covered in a delicious cheese - can't go wrong with that.

      1. Czehoski is good. I also like Utopia, though in the winter, without their patio open, it might get a bit noisy for you to have a conversation (and the tables are pretty close together too). I also like Fire on the East Side, which has some veg options on their menu and a good casual vibe.

        1. I agree with Rebel House. NOrmally I'm a Czehoski fan, but I went last night and the food was terrible. The Mac and Cheese was just mac with grated melted cheese on it, and the fries were overdone in parts, underdone in others. Feh.