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Drat -- name of Bakery/Lunch place on Robertson I think??

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Quick, can anyone help me locate the name of someplace I *thought* was associated with the topic 'Alternative To Sweet Lady Jane' (an incredibly long subject). I looked at the place's website once and it was I think on Robertson, a newly opened bakery and lunch place by a woman -- I don't know, I had the impression of "young" and it was very clean looking, with large glass-fronted display cases in the website. --This is silly isn't it, how can anyone help me here? All I remember was it was highly recommended for both lunch and deserts, newly opened, clean bright lines....

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  1. Boule?

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    1. re: Diana

      Nope, but thanks for trying -- it was more of a lunch thing also. With the sweetest website... (pictures were pretty; faded in and out I think)

    2. Is this is? Looks pretty far south on Robertson. From Zagat:
      "Situated practically under the Santa Monica Freeway overpass in the industrial strip that separates LA from Culver City, Dolce Isola, the red-and-yellow-awninged cafe, is actually an outpost of The Ivy’s long-established LA Desserts arm; cupcakes, pies, gelato and sandwiches can all be ordered from the well-dressed staff (ties!) and taken to go or eaten at the modest tables. "
      2869 S. Robertson Blvd.; 310-776-7070
      It must be very close to Sabor a Mexico...looks like another stop for my Saturday Culver City lunches.

      1. Here's a link to the thread you mention:

        Jin Patisserie in Venice?www.jinpatisserie.com

        Leda's on Ventura? www.ledasbakeshop.com

        The Little Next Door on Third? http://www.thelittledoor.com/lndsplas...

        Susina? http://www.susinabakery.com/


        SusieCakes? http://susiecakesla.com/locations.html

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          Hmmm...Thank you For Helping!!! But drat it -- none of them is it. That Dolce Isola sounds fun...maybe we'll check it out. If/when I figure it out though I'll let you know. The image of the place is ingrained inside, so maybe we'll just pass it. Thanks so much for trying to help.

          I just love this "place"!


        2. Cuvee? on Robertson and third across from the 76 Station

          1. Michel Richard's place? I love their croissants! But it has been there for a while, so it's far from "newly opened."

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              I was at Michel Richard's a couple of months ago, and it wasn't what I remembered from years past. I've certainly had better croissants; these were nothing special. Lunch was okay, but again, nothing special. Did I hit it on an off day?

            2. http://themilkshop.com ?

              1. Perhaps Joan's on Third?