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Jan 8, 2008 09:26 AM

Uh Oh -- What Happened to Pyramids?

The (land)line is disconnected, and when I went by yesterday it was padlocked. The place wasn't empty -- a bunch of stuff, such as coffee makers, was stacked up on the tables -- so perhaps it's not a done deal, but very worrying. Anyone have a way to reach Kadijah?

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  1. I hope it hasn't closed! Has been on my list for several months now but I had never had the chance to go there yet!

    1. I haven't heard anything - not that I would have expected to - I know that they recently did some work on their 'other' room - they had totally fixed up this room with a full bar for parties - she showed it to me on my last visit; I had no idea there was even another room there - it is past the bathroom (another place I hadn't visited). They did not yet have a liquor license but were in the process of getting one I was told. This surprised me since Kadijah seems so devout.

      Anyway, the phone being disconnected seems problematic as well as the padlock. Can we somehow hope that it is closed ror renovation?

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        How sad, but not unexpected. The seafood bastilla, despite having little seafood in it, was exquisite. That part of town is heating up and I didn't see how they could keep the place without increasing the volume of business.

        Btw, I noticed Steve's talk of Myanmar in other threads... I'm going there tonight, for the first time. I'm dying for new flavors.

      2. It's gone for good.

        It was reported on the Bloomingdale listserve - the neighborhood where I live and the area just north of there. Evidently the building owner was going to raise the rent, and they couldn't make it work. No word on what they will do next.

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        1. re: anv

          Just found out the sad news tonight. A friend moved into the neighborhood recently and was eager to try Pyramid. I'm in MD and just assumed the restaurant would be there as usual and didn't bother to call. The last time I was there was during Ramadan. I hope they will able to set up somewhere else in the DC area.

        2. Did Pyramid ever re-open somewhere else? Any ideas on how I might be able to find out?

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            Last time I spoke with the proprietress, Khadija Banouas, she was doing some catering while still looking for a place. She was sure that she wanted to reopen in DC and not the suburbs.

            Her phone number is 703-998-2306. I tried to arrange for some catering for a group of twelve, but it was going to wind up being wildly expensive. I think she is more prepared to do pans for fifty people at a time.

            1. re: Steve

              Well at least it is good news that she has the intention to re-open. Going to be tough in this economy. I really miss that carrot salad, had some recently from the Whole Foods pay by the pound and, unfortunately, it met expectations.