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Jan 8, 2008 09:25 AM

Pizza Delivery In La Jolla

I have tried a bunch of different pizza in la Jolla and really haven't found anything that I like, is there just nothing good or am I missing some place good?

So far I have tired(obviously there is Papa John's, domino's, etc.....)
Regents pizzeria - Awful.
Lucadia pizzeria - Expensive and medioce.
Lorna's - Best I have found but nothing special.

Maybe all the UCSD student just like crappy pizza?

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  1. I don't know if they deliver but Z Pizza is not bad.

    1. They don't deliver, and they aren't open after about 5PM, but the best pizza in the area is Bongiorno's, behind the Carl's Jr. on Miramar, about 2mi east of I805. The owner worked at Bronx pizza for many years.

      They're not exactly a pizzeria, but you might also try Barolo, in Renaissance center. I think they have pizza, but I've never had it there.

      1. I'm not sure if they deliver quite that far, but Sorrentino's in Clairemont (Diane & Clairemont Mesa Blvd) is pretty good. I know they deliver to the UTC area.

        1. "Maybe all the UCSD student just like crappy pizza?"

          I think you could have made your asked your question without being insulting. Certainly, posing the question in that manner might turn off any UCSD students from helping you out.

          I've seen very split opinions on the pizza at Regents Pizzeria. Some people like, but a few people say that definitely did not like it. I agree with Katdiego - you might want to try Sorrentino's. The delivery time might be a little long, though - which could have an effect.

          Are you in the UTC area or La Jolla proper, and what sort of pizza style do you prefer?

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          1. re: RB Hound

            Been in LJ for 20 years, not found any, I am an Italian from Phila,, its a ride but DelMar pizza is good and so is Bronks.
            However Trader Joes frozen pizza is the best here except for those mentioned. try it..its cheap too.

            1. re: LarryP

              Try Bongiorno's and you'll never go back to Del Mar Pizza.

            2. re: RB Hound

              RB hound I didn't mean to insult anyone. I am actually a UCSD student myself. I really like think crust NY style pizza. I'm surprised to hear that people like Regents but to each their own. I will defiantly try Sorrentino's. I am closer to UTC than to La Jolla proper, I live 4 blocks from UCSD campus.

              I am also going to try Bongiorno's though it might be to far for them to deliver.

              Any other suggestions are appreciated.

              1. re: Sjaspan

                I went to UCSD as well and I would say that all of the pizzerias in UTC are pretty bad. For NY style thin crust pizza I would definitely recommend Bongiornos as mentioned previously on Miramar if you have a car. Unfortunately if not I think you're probably out of luck, as I don't think they deliver at all, and if they do UTC may be a little far.

                1. re: Sjaspan

                  I was wrong. Bongiornio's does deliver (heh, I just so happened to have one of their handouts handy...). 858-566-TOGO (8646). $2 delivery fee. And they're open 10AM-10PM 7 days a week. They've also got their original location on Stevens Ave in Solana Beach just south of Lomas Santa Fe.

                  1. re: mikec

                    To augment Mikec's post:


                    Not a very professional web site (which I think is a *good* sign - means they are spending time with the pizza instead :) ), and the hours are probably outdated (they are saying lunch only at the Miramar site), but the menu probably is relatively accurate.

                    At any rate, I think I have a new delivery option to try...

              2. Another alumnus here... the pizza "atmosphere" isn't helped by the fact that Papa John's and Domino's offer great deals for students. I planned many a study break as an RA and the chain pizzerias offered a quick and cheap way to provide food. I may be excommunicated by fellow 'Hounds for suggesting this, but I think some of the best pizza in the area comes from chain restaurants like CPK and BJ's. Otherwise, your best bet is to branch out to the rest of San Diego.

                Do you have a car? Know someone with one? If so, come down to North Park and try Lefty's for Chicago-style pizza. I like their pizza, although I'm definitely not one to talk about authenticity.

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                1. re: geekyfoodie

                  I am no pizza expert by any means, but CPK and BJ's are both good for what they do. Z Pizza is also good--different style but good nonetheless.

                  Our favorite cheap pizza is Costco's. Get a whole pie, freeze what you don't eat and it reheats pretty well...

                  1. re: daantaat

                    delivery in LJ....bad idea--they have limited delivery areas. but as far as pizza we love (we live in the Mt. Soledad area): Liberty Pizza on Mission Blvd PB, Hoboken Pizza (horrific decor! but great pie) in PB on Garnet. We used to like BirdRock Pizza which delivers but now it's become JJ's and the past time we ordered it was awful. I am from NY so my passion is NYstyle pizza. But my favorite in all of SD is Bronx Pizza in Hillcrest.