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Jan 8, 2008 09:16 AM

SEA- Urban Eats 2008

Here we go again... 3 courses for $30.

Looks like a good selection of restaurants that I haven't seen on these promotions before.

Apologies if this has already been posted, search said it hadn't.

Which ones are don't miss? I was thinking of trying maybe steelhead, coupage, cermant, qube, moxie, and maybe kurrent... opinions?*

After reading and doing some research I might also be interested in tidbit and trellis. I am looking for a french restaurant for one dinner, a new flavor experience for another, and a fun-crazy-or totally reliable must-try restaurant for the other- opinions, expriences, and direction would be wonderful!


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  1. Thanks for posting Natalie, I didn't think this was on until March! Will be a good excuse for me to try 2 in my neighborhood (Portage and Betty), which we've just never gotten around to.

    1. Skip qube and steelhead (waaaay over-rated), go to moxie, cremant and betty.

      betty's on the top of my list!

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        Well, it might be because I'm new in town, but I just got back from doing the 3 for 30 at Steelhead and we had a really fabulous meal - best I've had in a VERY long time. Good service, friendly staff who always kept our glasses full-not froofy or fussy like a lot of more expensive dining places are.
        Oh, and it looks like the 'urban eats' menu is different from what's posted online. I got the carnitas as appetizer, the mahi mahi (which was incredible) and spiced pound cake with poached pears for dessert. I ate way too much =(

        Mind you, we went on a week-night and got in around 6:30 - it got busy about half an hour later.
        I wouldn't call Steelhead overrated in the slightest, but then, I am a newbie and perhaps not yet so jaded about Seattle restaurants =)

        1. re: Jeters

          thanks for the input, maybe will have to give it another go :)
          I went shortly after they first opened, small group, not in a hurry, just enjoying the day. Mid afternoonish? I know we tried a sandwich and I think a soup and salad, or and the caviar pie for app? Can't remember for sure, all I remember is that the sandwich was so overloaded with condiments you couldn't taste the seafood on it, the staff was happy, but not too attentive, and we had to keep asking for things.
          wasn't awful, but didn't merit the gushing reviews in my opinion I had been hearing about it.
          but sounds like I should try again, maybe the 3 for 30 is the perfect time :)

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            It seems like everyone has great or bad experiences at Steelhead--there's no inbetween.

      2. I have wrestled a couple friends into going on separate occasions so I can try as many as possible :) One friend really wants Red Fin, which was not on my original list, and a date has been set. Another has selected Coupage or Cremant (the later being more of my lean) - she likes French- and I have read good and bad reviews of both. The last is leaning towards Kurrent because the menu looks interesting and her fabulous hairstylist Ramsey works there nights. Moxie, Qube, and Betty intrigue me. Moxie and Qube have received some glowing and complimentary reviews~ while what I have found regarding Betty has been mixed. Steelhead has steadily been moving towards the bottom of my list in the last week. Q's… Why not Qube? Why Moxie, Cremant, or Betty? Opinions or experiences with the others on the promotion? Thanks!

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          Moxie has an amazing HH, never done dinner, but I can't say enough things about their HH menu (the lamb burger with the sweet potato fries, oh yum).
          Cremant I love cause of the ambiance as well as the food. I love comfort food, love French food, and love the cozy atmosphere (some say its stark, but I think it's nice and simple, great to walk in on a cold day and smell the specialties of the kitchen).
          Betty I thought was just really good food. The space was loud and crowded (we ate in the bar), but felt so warm and had a good vibe. Had a bunch of apps and salad to split between a group of us so we could try a bunch of things, everyone loved it and we just had a really good dining experience.
          but, just my opinion :)

        2. Excellent, another chance to rave about Moxie! We were just there on the 29th with a large group. Miraculously they were able to get us in last minute. It was our first nice dinner out with our 4 month old who, I'm pleased to say, was a pro and didn't ruin anyone else's dining experience. None of the staff looked askance at us for bringing a baby, either.
          Most memorable dishes of the night were the catfish special and the coconut pyrozhkys for dessert (on the promotional menu), though I think that everyone loved what they had. The maple bacon lollipop that accompanies the Moxie Manhattan was pretty fantastic, as well.
          This is always our go-to place in Lower Queen Anne.

          1. Had the NUE menu at Cremant last week; really wonderful experience. The food was really lovely -- the cassoulet was classic and so huge my fiance and had lunch on the leftovers two days later; the hanger steak and frites were perfect. Appetizers were lovely; dessert was the least thrilling -- prunes in Armanac (sp) and chocolate & couvoseier (sorry, sp again). Cheese plate was offered as a third course, if I had it to do again I would choose this. Owners were wonderfully welcoming, it was lovely and warm inside. Highly recommended, we'll definitely be back to sample the rest of the menu.

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              4 of us went to Cremant last Friday - regular menu. Unfortunately it was hit and miss. The onion soup and pork belly were wonderful. The cassoulet was a bit dry and actually needed salt. The celery remoulade sauce seemed to be straight mayo. The service was great when we first got there and then completely fell apart. We had trouble getting anyone to bring more bread and no one checked back after the courses were served. While we were given a dessert menu no one came back to see if we wanted any or to offer coffee. The noise level made conversation impossible which made things difficult during the loooong wait between courses---and we like slow dining.

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                Went to RedFin last nite and had a pretty forgetable meal. Nothing was bad, but not really flavorful. I had scallop app, that was cooked nicely, but sauce was sort of dull. Short rib entree was very fatty, which is to be expected, but zero flavor. was braised in water?? Was fall off the bone tender, but shouldn't be difficult to add some zing to the liquid. The dessert was rather yawnful creme brulee. Again, nothing aweful, but rather disappointing. One of our party had sushi and was pleased.