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Jan 8, 2008 08:57 AM

soup dumplings?

I had my first soup dumpling in nyc this past holiday and now I can't stop thinking about Joe Shanghai....
Any place in Los Angeles doing these beauties?

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  1. lots of banter on soup dumplings. do a search using the tags:

    "xiao long bao"

    and you'll find a lot of material to peruse.

    1. A lot of people like Din Tai Fung for XLB. I think their XLB is good, but nothing spectacular. I did not like their other dishes, though. Their noodles were boring and bland to me. But if you want to try anyway, here's the place.

      Din Tai Fung
      1108 S Baldwin Ave
      Arcadia, CA 91007
      (626) 574-7068

      I personally like buying the frozen Wei Chuan ones from 99 Ranch and making them at home myself.

      1. My favorites - and I've eaten a lot of soup dumplings here, in NYC (I don't think Joe's Shanghai are very good) and all over China (I lived in Hong Kong for 11 years) - are to be found at J&J Shanghai, 301 W. Valley Blvd. in San Gabriel. (Just a couple of blocks west of Del Mar Ave.) In the same shopping center, Mei Long Village also has good soup dumplings, as does the small cafe next to J&J that I can't recall the name of. On the menu they are usually referred to, in English, as "juicy pork dumplings." At J&J, try both the pork dumplings and the pork and crab dumplings. Both are excellent.

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        1. re: estone888

          That would be Dragon Mark. On their menu, the xlb is translated as "pork bao"; but they also have a picture of the xlb on the wall, so you can point to it.

          I prefer the xlb at Din Tai Fung far and above the ones at Mei Long Village, Dragon Mark, J&J.

          1. re: estone888

            I too am a big fan of XLB and tried Joe Shanghai's version (Chinatown branch) a few years ago. I found that the soup in their dumplings tasted very greasy and the skin of the dumplings were way too thick. Of course, I am partial to the gossamer-thin skins at the Taiwanese chain Din Tai Fung (if you hold them up to the light, you can see the soup through the skin). However I can attest to the fact that DTF's version is not very authentic as I spent a week in Shanghai last year, ate a ton of XLB, and all were of the doughy, Joe's Shanghai variety (though not as greasy).

            Mr Taster

          2. Here are three restaurants:

            I personally like J&J the best. J&J is in the same mini-mall as Mei Long Village. There is a third Shanghai restaurant there called "Dragon Mark." Some people like the xiao long bao there.

            1. still love the crab xiaolongbao at giang-nan on garfield in monterey park.

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              1. re: Jerome

                I have seen you mention this place before so I think I better try it since I currently have a cold... xlb and maybe a bowl of pho... yum.

                1. re: snooze button

                  can't imagine one place would have both. BUT

                  after the xlb go across the street to the yunnanese place on garfield and get "crossing-bridge- noodles" guoqiao mifen. I don't know what their peculiar translation would be. It' s basically chinese pho.

                  Yui Gui Garden (should be yun gui)
                  301 North Garfield Ave.

                  1. re: Jerome

                    lol! I was thinking of hitting one place for xlb and another for pho... I like to restaurant-hop. Thanks for that other rec sounds like a winning combo to me..