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May 5, 2001 07:05 PM

crenshaw district

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any suggestions for good places to eat in the crenshaw district--besides Krispy Kreme.

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  1. Although I grew up in Crenshaw as a little kid, I didn't discover Stevie's till a few months ago. They have ribs where the meat melts off and chrispy but moist fried chicken with gravy over rice which is both better than Roscoe's (imho). And everytime I've gone there, someone always gets a slice of the Sock-it-to-me cake - which I don't think they make since it was frozen the one time I was able to try a piece that broke off. A little sweet for my taste.

    Stevie's is located about 2 miles north of the 10 freeway onramp at the North East corner of Crenshaw and Jefferson. There's a few tables inside and a patio area outside.

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      Stevie's is south of the 10 fwy.

      1. re: Mr Grub

        And, it's on the SW corner of Crenshaw/Jefferson. The NE corner is a bank parking lot -- my parent's bank, no less.

    2. How about Coley's Kitchen and the Boulevard Cafe?