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Jan 8, 2008 08:32 AM

Downtown San Jose Carnitas


I live in Boston, travel to San Jose frequently. Mexican food here not reproducible in Boston, I am trying to learn my way around.

Roast Pork/Carnitas a passion. To calibrate I love Maria Elana’s in Alviso and La Milpa in Milpitas.

I am staying at the Montgomery in downtown San Jose. Where should I go for carnitas?


1. atmosphere does not matter, the more hole in the wall the better
2. must have beer
3. walking distance from downtown would be cool

Any help appreciated. If you visit Boston our Chow forum is vibrant, I hope you’ll post so we can advise.

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  1. I haven't done an exhaustive search as I can get excellent carnitas closer to home, but I my picky carnitas tastes were extremely well-satisfied with that from Tacqueria Tlaquepaque. There are three locations, and I've only been to the Lincoln branch. The Willow branch might be within walking radius of downtown, depending on your intrepidness.

    Taqueria Tlaquepaque
    721 Willow St, San Jose, CA
    (408) 287-9777

    Taqueria Tlaquepaque 3
    699 Curtner Ave, San Jose, CA
    (408) 448-1230

    Taqueria Tlaquepaque No 1
    2222 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, CA
    (408) 978-3665

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    1. re: bouncepass

      If you can make your way up 101 to middlefield (not that far from san jose) check out La bamba.

    2. La Tacqueria - 15 S. First (First and Santa Clara)
      (408) 287-1542
      I very rarely eat at other tacqueria's any more (not that I'm an expert) but this place doesn't make the others seem worthwhile.
      Very, very good carnitas, total hole in the wall, have beer...everyone in downtown SJ eats here: cops, city ee's, sw engineers and some of the locals. quick, efficient but lines start forming about 11:50'ish.
      My favorite is the lengua taco's, my husband is quiet fond of the carnitas burritos...chips and salsa extra, but worth it.
      Hours say open to 7pm but rarely do I see them open that late; pretty much lunch only.
      Cash only.

      1. The mini-taqueria/deli in Tropicana Market, Story and King in San Jose.