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Jan 8, 2008 08:30 AM

Early Business Dinner TONIGHT!! Midtown--HELP!!

Hey Chowhounds:

I need help! Had dinner planned tonight for Milos, but the person who was craving it dropped out--and since its a little out of our way for the commute home we are trying to regroup! We are 4 for an early (5:30) business dinner. I already tried to get into Keen's--no luck and I am spending waaaayyyyy too much time here searching through the boards!! Is there a hand who can help? Would prefer seafood or steak, had enough Italian, Asian, Chinese, etc. for a while!! Help me hounds!! I have loved every place I tried so far that has been recommended--save me with a decent place I can get into for dinner!! THANKS!!

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  1. are you trying to stay near penn station? if so, there's uncle jacks, nick and stef's, staghorn etc.

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      Actually trying to stay not too far from there--and subways too! Thanks. On a whim I tried calling Keen's rather than using Open Table and I got a table--thanks anyway--due to postings I am looking forward to trying Keen's.

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        I will be there tonight too! Can't wait to gO!!

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          I've found that even if OpenTable shows no openings at all or none at the preferred time, calling the restaurant directly -- as you did -- can result in getting a reservation because restaurants do not give all their reservations to OT.

        1. Don't know if this fits in with your geographic needs or if you've checked it yet, but Pampano has lovely seafood, with a Mexican touch.

          1. What about Picholine?

            1. Try Amalia in the Dream Hotel...Lovely space, creative cooking (and a cool, trendy vibe).