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Jan 8, 2008 08:29 AM

looking for bakery with torrone

I think thie bakery is within walking distance of Paul Revere House near another well known bakery we went to this place the first time we came to Boston just under a year ago
also i'm sure it was near a place well recomened for calamari almost a hole in the wall.
we will be staying in Back Bay area Thanks!

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  1. I believe you're thinking of the Modern Pastry Shop on Hanover Street. If they don't have it, try the Salumeria on Richmond Street (which is around the corner from the Paul Revere House) or Dairy Fresh Candy on Salem Street (which is one block over from and parallel to Hanover).

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    1. re: Velda Mae

      Modern had several different kinds of torrone when BFP and I stopped in there three nights ago. They make their own, although I'm sure that both Dairy Fresh and the Salumeria would have imported torrone.

      1. re: Allstonian

        this place definately made their own and it was a long cold walk to Paul house (unless we were lost!)

        1. re: chefmom

          You may have been lost, then - Modern Pastry is about 2 1/2 short blocks away from the Paul Revere House.

    2. I had some from Modern Pastry a couple months back - yum!

      1. It must've been Modern Pastry because they're the closest I can think of to the Daily Catch which is what I think the "hole in the wall" with calamari is.
        In addition to the other spots mentioned, Maria's makes her own.

        Maria's Pastry Shop
        46 Cross St, Boston, MA 02129

        Modern Pastry
        257 Hanover St, Boston, MA

        Daily Catch
        323 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02113

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        1. re: fragolino

          Thanks this info is bringing it all back now we enjoyed bumming around this neighborhood great dishes at Daily Catch and we hit 2 of the3 bakerys
          This will be my 2nd trip in and I'm looking foreward to eating in Boston this weekend!

          1. re: chefmom

            MIke's Pastry also makes their own torrone, in a number of flavors...

            1. re: galleygirl

              Are any of them worth eating (at Mike's)?

        2. Modern, vanilla is the best.

          1. I'll second the Modern pastry torrone. We bought two boxes for holiday gifts before Christmas.One of regular torrone and one with two kinds of chocolate layers on top - hazelnut and dark. One word - fantastic. Dense, chewy, not too sweet (original, chocolate ones tend to be a bit overly sweet). LA Burdick's chocolate in Harvard Square makes a version of torrone that is good too.