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Jan 8, 2008 08:29 AM

All Star Sandwich Bar - two notes & a question

I've been getting sandwiches recently with some consistency from All Star Sandwich Bar. So far, the pulled pork with coleslaw on an average white bun has been my favorite - juicy, tender, flavorful meat on a disintegrating bun. Best to eat it with a stack of napkins. Have also had the reuben, which is pretty fatty, but still tasty.

The question: has anyone had their fried chicken dinner? Thoughts?

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  1. Fried chicken dinner?!? Now this is something I'd like to try. While I heard many of the early complaints, I've never had anything but great experiences at All Star. I didn't even know they had a fried chicken dinner, but I can highly recommend the BLT and the Atomic Meatloaf sandwiches as well as the Texas style chili, the fries, and the burger. I also really like the Cuban, though confess that I have not had Chez Henri's version. I've also had several very tasty specials.


    1. Never tried the chicken dinner. I'm all about their sandwiches. Monday/Tuesday are my favorite days: The Rachel sandwich special on Monday, and the Texas Rueben on Tuesday. Oh mercy, both are deeelicious.

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        I just heard last night that Chris S is going to open something in North Andover? Anyone know anything about this? Sorry if I am covering old ground; it was news t me

        1. re: donjay

          I think he is taking over the Improv Boston space and expanding there. I saw a sign for the Improv- that its moving to into the space that had the Oriental market on Prospect St- near The Field.

          1. re: hedda lettuce

            He applied a couple of months back to change the DBA of the business to "In Square Tap" and applied for an "All Alcohol licence" and increase in seating to 110 from 34. Not quite sure what came it though.

            But, there is a sandwich shop for sale that "might" be ASSB on Boston Restaurant Groups website. Listing as follows: Cambridge, Sandwich Shop, B&W licence, 34 seats, 41,974 rent, $1,050,000 in sales, $340,000 price, Upscale neighborhood sandwich shop. Open 18 mo. Sales $20K wk.

      2. Do they still run out of Beef on Weck all the time? I stopped trying to go, since they never had this sandwich and that's what I wanted. I might just drive to Buffalo and get a real one instead.

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        1. re: maillard

          It was on the regular menu Monday when I stopped by.

          1. re: gini

            Thanks. Was that at lunch or in the evening? I know it was kept on the regular menu when they made the changes, but wasn't sure if they were still running out of it all the time.

              1. re: gini

                Good to know, thanks! Guess I'll give it one last try... And at least if they are out, I can eat fried chicken instead. Mmm...