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Jan 8, 2008 08:12 AM

Please- I Need HELP for Work- restaurant w/ a Private Room for Lunch Meeting, w/a budget, in midtow

Can anyone please help - I am urging my boss to move these quarterly association meetings from an awful restaurant they've been having them at for years. I suggested Trattoria Trecolori but it might be a bit too expensive, we're awaiting details.

We need:
a private room that can accommodate 30-40 people
sit-down lunch
convenient (I assume to Times Sq, Penn st or GC (ie midotwn))
audiovisual equipment
$25-35 a person (plus tax & gratuities)
preferably soda included
nothing too exotic

any suggestions??
I need to find a place fast (we're looking for mid-Feb.), or she's gonna book the old place! Help my stomach, and 39 others ;-)

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  1. Caviar Russe has a prix fix for $20, then you could add drinks and dessert. The whole restaurant seats like 20 so it might be perfect.

    May be too exotic though...

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    1. re: doona

      thanks- does seem like a bit much for a semi-regular business meeting.
      they can only seat 25 anyway, so that's out anyway...

      any other ideas?

      1. re: PhishFoodie

        You did mention twice that it was for more people, didn't you. I didn't catch that...

        But too much? I don't know if you can find that much cheaper.

        1. re: doona

          ah, i meant caviar=over the top "too much," not too much $$, but thanks :)

    2. Perhaps Beacon? I know they have very large private rooms.

      I would also check into hotel conference rooms and having it catered--I frequently do meetings at the Crowne Plaza.

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      1. re: erikka

        For your budget there's not much chance you can get anything other than a sandwich buffet. You will probably have to put down a considerable deposit to the restaurant as well to reserve the room, but very few have AV equipment so you're better off doing hotel conference rooms.

        Sorry to be discouraging--I'm a meeting planner in midtown, so I've done this more times than I care to recall.

        1. re: erikka

          thanks, i'm checking into beacon...
          they're not open to hotels, etc., & catering-too much work, small organization, etc.

          Actually, the place we've been using for years did it for 25, now up to 29 a person...
          and Trattoria Trecolori does served buffet style for 30, and sit down starting at 35, so i would think(hooe) there must be others in that range. I understand-and thnaks for your expertise. I'm just hoping I can make this happen anywhere else ;-)

          1. re: PhishFoodie

            Trecolor is a favorite of ours. I've never been to a private event there, but the website says the buffet options start at $25pp. Did they raise the price?

            Another place that occurred to me is Cascina, on 9th, b/t 45th & 46th. Checking their website, the least expensive option is $30pp for sit-down. Buffet starts at $35.


            Don't know about a.v. equipment.

        1. re: fayth

          thank you- don't know wy i didn't think to look on open table myself...

          and RGR- yes, i believe the prices have gone up/what they sent me is not identical to what's on the website. I don't have it in front of me now.
          I'll look into Cascina too. How is that?

          1. re: PhishFoodie

            At Cascina, we've pretty much stuck with soup, salad, and pasta, and they have been fine. Ambiance is rustic, so I presume that would be the case for the private room.