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Jan 8, 2008 08:08 AM

Fresh Eggs

I have been on a quest for the freshest eggs possible and am looking to raise the ante. I have been buying from both egg stalls in JTM but their eggs have been no fresher than 10-14 days which is no better than Provigo on a good day. Does anybody have a source for fresher eggs (store, farm delivery or other)? Any leads would be appreciated.


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  1. I get my eggs delivered from Ferme Le Crepuscule. I never asked how fresh the eggs are, but I assume very. They deliver on a 3 week rotation in different areas in Quebec from Montreal to the Saguenay. (

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      Do they deliver to the house or do you have to pick-up? Checked out their web-site and could not tell.

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        They deliver to one location in a given neighborhood. For example, where I live they deliver to a person's house. She has an outdoor freezer and coolers and receives all the orders, and calls us to remind if we haven't picked up by nighttime. Ask who is the contact person in your area, they may have a different way of doing things.

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          JTM eggs are not farm fresh.

          If I remember correctly, there are 3 egg vendors there.

          1 of them has tens of thousand of chickens and i would not consider that a `farm`.
          The Capitaine vendor is full of crap and has no farm - he just buys eggs from a wholesaler and sells them at the market - people assume an old man selling eggs wrapped in newspapers is a farmer. He is not. If you ask for organic eggs, he will sell you the same eggs.....

          I never interviewed the 3rd vendor.

          I get my eggs from my CSA, where I also get my veggies. You must be a member to buy the eggs, and they are fresh and from a farm.

          Unfortunately, JTM is not a farmers market. It is a market where some farmers sometimes sell their products. In many other cities, a farmers market will only allow actual farmers to have stalls and only to sell what they grew on their farms.

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            This needed to be said... Maybe only three stalls at JTM wher an actual farmer is talking to you. I`m still suprised at how people think these folks lining up at marche central at 4AM are actual farmers... The best eggs are through:
            a local agrrement with a gentlemen farmer
            your own chicken if you neighbors don't mind the cackle:
            Equiterre baskets as suggested by spanky.

            I know that the couple and son working the stall facing the new building close to the center are farmers, they only sell what they have, thank god they reminded me to plant my garlic before winter. Early in sping, they also sell their seedlings.