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Jan 8, 2008 08:06 AM

Island/Tropic themed joints, any good ones?

It's winter time and I need a quick get away.

The ideal location should have at the very least some decent bar food with an island theme.. oh I dunno coconut fried stuff for starters, and really obscene, fruity cocktails that still taste good, and stuff like a grass thatched bar canopy, really comfy chairs, reggae music and maybe even some sand floors like the back tables at Sutra on College West.

Toronto seems too cool for school when it comes to these gaudy, themed places but I'm just curious if there's anything hidden out there that provides a one-night all-inclusive feel for a decent price point, I think it'd be fun!

Random Scarborough bars with 'Island' in the name or trees painted on the wall need not apply.

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  1. I still miss the original Bamboo on Queen @ Peter - RIP...they sold it or something and it was reopened down by Harbour Front Centre, I've always pegged it as a tourist spot resembling a pavillion at Epcot Centre so I haven't gone, but I think it might fit the bill for your quest...if they still sell it, pick up the Bamboo Cooks cookbook -- it's awsome, gets me through in these times...

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      The Bamboo on Queen's Quay lasted about six months and closed several years ago.

      Try the Real Jerk on Queen East. It fits the bill except for the sand.

      1. re: Herb

        Oops! Sorry about the bad lead!