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Jan 8, 2008 07:49 AM

Jacques-Imo's or Dick and Jenny's ?

Does anyone still go to either place anymore? I'll be in New Orleans next month and would like to try one or the other. I ate at D&J's last year, thought it was great and would love to go again, but should I bypass it to try J-I's?

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  1. Nah, I think D&J is a better spot by far. No contrived non-decor, no attitude, no generalized undergraduate silliness.

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        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          I agree.

          Jacques-Imo has always underwhelmed me, especially since Austin Leslie moved on to greener pastures. Considering the price and the so-so quality, it's never a place I choose to go.

          D&J's, on the other hand, is a fairly regular spot for me. I have eaten there at least twenty times, with only two subpar experiences. Very good food, excellent service, and a warm atmosphere keep me coming back.

        2. I have recently been very underwhelmed by D&J's.

          1. I'm coming through New Orleans a week from Thursday, and my friend whom I am staying with wants to go to Jacques-Imo's. Since I have never been to either place, would you folks say to try and suggest somewhere else, or just go along with his choice?He has only been to J-I once, but really liked it...

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              I have had really good food at times with an atmosphere of total frivolity and I have been with a group who wanted to rev it up and the food and service were horrible. I guess it is worth a try, maybe not the wait, but it is hit or miss at best, so try it and give us a report.

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                You've got to gauge your friend. If they're going to be terribly disappointed not to go to J-I's, just go there. It's not terrible (and many people love it). On the other hand, D&J's, although many of us find it far preferable to J-I's, is a risk, if only because your friend has his heart set on J-I's, and if he doesn't like D&J's he's gonna be resentful that you talked him out of J-I's.

                Some of my friends, I'd just take back to J-I's. Others I'd convince to go to D&J's.

                1. Loved Jacque-Imo's! Will go back next time I'm in New Orleans. Had a stuffed softshell crab with a topping that was out of this world. The spinach salad with the fried oysters was wonderful and I don't eat spinach.

                  1. would like a similar place that is open on sunday nights? any ideas?

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                      Not sure if Matt & Naddie's is open on Sunday's, but I've always liked going there.