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Jan 8, 2008 07:43 AM

Cafe Zebra - Raritan

Does anyone on this board know what happened to this restaurant? And if the chef is presently working somewhere else. This used to be my favorite restaurant. Different types of fresh fish bought daily at the seaport. Menu would change daily. Presentation of both the menu and the food were wonderful. Wow, do I miss it : (

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  1. Last month, you yourself noted that this restaurant had closed. In fact, I believe it closed several years ago.

    It may be too late now but I suggest you drive down to Raritan and ask the folks who continue to operate stores nearby. Someone may know if the chef is cooking somewhere else. I recently did this when a favorite hole-in-the-wall place disappeared with nary a trace. The people in the store next door told me the restaurant had relocated to another part of the state.

    Worth a shot though, as I say, too much time may have passed. Maybe someone on the board will be able to help.