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Jan 8, 2008 07:41 AM

Best source for lemons?

Organic lemons are $1.59 apiece at my grocery store and look terrible. Since it's the season, I thought about ordering a box and freezing the zest/juice. Ideally, it would be cheaper than/equal to that price and better quality product. Extra points for organic.

Anyone tried this place ( or have a recommendation from personal experience (or can point me to another discussion)? Thanks!

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  1. I recommend Snow's Citrus Court in CA. Just received a case of meyer lemons from them. A 5lbs case costs $21 including shipping and has about 16 big and beautiful lemons. Their customer service is prompt and personal (responded to my email quickly and emailed to let me know they received my order and will pick lemons from the tree the next day and ship to me). You can't get lemons more fresh than these!

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      Thank you so much, that's exactly the kind of answer I was hoping for!