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Jan 8, 2008 07:32 AM

Best Chicago Sportsbar

First trip to Chicago-long overdue. Looking for a Sports Bar that has a great atmosphere food also a plus. Going to watch some football on Sauturday before heading to see Buddy Guy at his club this saturday.

Thanks in Advance


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  1. Don, there are probably billions of places that can be named, but I'll suggest two, depending on what you're looking for:

    1. Joes on Weed St. ( It's big, has a flat-screen TV no matter which way you turn, and is loud an boisterous. They generally have attractive drink specials on an admittedly limited selection beer. They also generally have appetizer specials on their fairly average food.

    2. Gaslight Bar and Grille ( Much smaller than Joe's, more character. It is possible that, from certain seats, you could have a tough time seeing a TV. Much better beer selection, excellent bar food. I'm sure they'll have specials on beer/drinks, but probably not as attractive as Joe's.

    1. Both sound great thanks!

      1. Within a short cabride of Buddy Guys;

        Lucky's on Illinois has great atmosphere, tons of large screens, pool, bowling, and pretty decent food. I generally watch sports at a few northside locations but I went to Lucky's recently on a couple of occasions. Granted, it's a chain restaurant/bar but one with a great vibe and and a cozy feel...even though it's rather cavernous.

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          To clarify: Lucky Strike Lanes on W Illinois.
          It's in the same building as the AMC theater -- need to go up the escalators into the lobby. It's great if you really want to watch sports. Be warned, one may not wear a hat into the establishment.

        2. If by any chance you are going to watch the Packer game, you should go to Will's North Woods Inn. Best sports bar in Chicago, if you're a Packer fan only.

          1. Agree with others that you need to narrow your needs down a bit. IMHO, Chicago has the greatest collection of sports bars in the country, but that bounty can lead to confusion: i.e. are you looking for an Ohio State bar?...well then which one?...packed with twenty-somethings doing Jager shots...or more sedate with better food and thirty-somethings drinking Boddington's or maritnis (which would be the Gaslight)? Same questions could be asked for any Big Ten school. Even USC, UCLA, Arizona, UVA, UNC and so on and so on have individual dedicated bars.

            Are you looking for a non-denominational sports bar? Tavern or food service? Which neighborhood?

            Response above about the Packers bar is absolutely dead on. For an unafiliated bar with a great "Manhattan" feel, try the Field House on Clark. You'll wonder how they ever fit so many plasmas into such a tiny bar. No food but you can bring in carry out from the hundred or so options within a couple of blocks, including Luigi's--Chicago's best NY style pizza.

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            1. re: Sam Harmon

              Hey Sam, I'll be in town this coming weekend, and should I not be able to score Bulls tickets for Toronto, I'd like to watch the game at a great sports bar. Any suggestions? Downtown, Northside, Southside, or near the stadium are all cool.

              11860 S Cicero Ave, Alsip, IL 60803