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Jan 8, 2008 07:27 AM

Raleigh - Mission Valley Area ethnic joints

I'd been living in the neighbborhood for a few months before I discovered that there are several middle eastern restaurants/shops and an Ethipian restaurant tucked out of sight in Mission Valley shopping center (Western and Avent Ferry).

I'm particularly interested in whether anyone has experiences with Abyssinia, the Ethiopian restaurant. It's so hard to tell what kind of place it is from the exterior.

I tried one of the middle eastern shops (Lebanese?), and got some bulk olives, feta and pita for a nice price. Has anyone found any gems among these places?

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  1. I tried Abyssinia about a year ago. Service very, very slow - there was just one other table, so not busy. Very bare bones atmosphere. Portions were generous. We ordered a sampler with three dishes. There was heat, but not much flavor. Very little difference between the three sauces. Meats were tender. I am not well versed in Ethiopian food. I had tried it once before (different city) where I enjoyed it & the food had variety & nuance. That was not my experience here.

    1. Dalat and Neomonde are both very good.