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May 4, 2001 04:21 PM

Calamari Steak?

  • j

Good calamari steak anywhere? I've tried Casablanca on Lincoln in Venice a few times and it's just fair. I've heard Bob Burns serves it. Anyone had it there? Thanks.

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  1. Had FABULOUS calamari steak this weekend at Seafood Market Cafe on the "promenade" at Hermosa Pier. They put Pako (not sure how to spell that), a japanese breadcrumb like thing on it, and (I think) deep fried it. Wow. Crispy, almost tempura like crust, super super delicate squid . . . a must try.

    Also, Terried Sake House, a little down-home japanese dive on Santa Monica blvd between Barrington and Barry, north side, couple doors down from 50s cafe, has it, my japanese boyfriend says it's really good, tho I haven't tried it.