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Jan 8, 2008 07:13 AM

Old Town Alexandria

Has anyone been to Vermillion lately? Or Farrah Olivia? I love Eve but would like to try something new on old town. Thanks.

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  1. I like Vermillion very much and think the food is seasonal, local and inventive without being at all showy or pretensious. In fact, I've got to get back soon!

    1. I went to Farah Olivia this past summer and really enjoyed it. It was inventive and delicious. It's definitely worth a visit.

      1. I was at Farrah Olivia last year and it was grea- busy but wonderful. But Vermillion was a more relaxed atmosphere and the food was awesome too. Hank's is also in Old Town, also causal and yummy.

        1. Vermillion is great! It's good to go a little early and get a drink at the bar which has a nice ambience with a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Food and service has always been delicious when I've had dinner there.

          The Majestic (across the street) has always been good too. I haven't been since it changed hands to Cathal Armstrong (Restaurant Eve & Eamonns), but, with him taking over, it's probably even better now!

          I also heard Armstrong's opening up a lounge & eatery in Del Ray on Mt. Vernon Ave, near Evening Star (which is also a sister restaurant to Vermillion).