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May 4, 2001 12:22 PM


  • j

Any really good Sat. or Sun. lunch restaurants in or near Montrose? Mexican would be nice but not essential. Thanks.

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  1. You are very much in luck! La Cabanita is a fantastic Mexican restaurant in Montrose on Verdugo a few blocks south of Honolulu. I love the salsas, the sopes, the picadillo... you can't go wrong. I love this place and often shlepp out to Montrose just to go there. Enjoy!

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      Tom Armitage

      I second Jenji's praise for La Cabanita. The antojitos here are absolutely first rate. La Cabanita is an oasis in an area that's a pretty barren desert foodwise.

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        La Cabinita is one of the most interesting "Mexican" restaurants in the City. If you aren't sure you like "Tex-Mex", try this place - it's more traditional Mexican, fresher, less fatty, and altogether more interesting than the usual. Beware that it's a tiny place and be prepared to wait.
        Ocean View Bar and Grill on Ocean View and Florencita isn't bad for lighter takes on traditional Neopolitan fare; La Roma on Foothill near Ocean View is more interesting than most Italian restaurants - seafood is surprisingly good. Divina Cucina on Verdugo near Honolulu is a slight cut above the usual southern Italian; Pasta Precioso (Ocean View near Broadiew) is just OK (I know, it's wierd that most of the places are Italian.) There's a pretty good take-out Indian place at Verdugo near Glencoe. In general, though, it's probably worth the trip to downtown Glendale or Pasadena.