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Jan 8, 2008 06:31 AM

Recommendations at Joe's Noodle

I've read a lot of the competing opinions about Joe's, but I've decided it's time to check it out for myself. So, fans: let me know what makes you keep going back; enemies: what's can I order to salvage my trip? I'm going with a group, so any suggestions are great, but I tend towards vegetarianism when possible, so I'm particularly interested in veggie dishes.


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  1. You're in luck with some very good veggie dishes:
    shredded radish is a MUST ORDER, tender bamboo shoots, cucumber salad, boiled peanuts (not exactly sure how these are listed), seasoned seaweed, spicy and sour vegetables, pressed tofu in spicy tasty sauce. Rice cakes (you can ask for these without shredded pork). Scallion panckes. They have a separate vegetarian menu, so you should consult that. Also you can try one of their fresh bread dishes, which are by themselves a bit boring, but can add another dimension toi a vegetarian meal.

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      Great, thanks! I have been poking around, and it seems that A&J's may have a bigger fan that a better bet?

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        Apples and oranges. (Actually, apples not available at either.) Joe's is Sichuan. A&J is Northern Chinese dim sum. Both are very good at what they do.

    2. Here's a post from 2003 with lists of recommendations:

      and another post describing in detail our blow-out lunch there (at least 41 distinct dishes):

      The numbers won't mean much without the menu, which you can find at the link below.

      1. One of the few recommended noodle dishes is N36. My wife and I really like F29 - lots of cabbage with black pepper. Salty and Crispy anything is good - your choice on what.