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Jan 8, 2008 06:27 AM

Hong Kong--Fresh salads in the Causeway bay area ??

Just moved here a week ago from Toronto, Canada and am having a hard time finding fresh salads to eat for lunch.. If you are familiar with the financial district in Toronto, I loved Fast Fresh Foods- custom made "big salads" --Seinfeld style! Might I ask our fellow Chows to assist?

Or, any suggestions for low-key healthy foods in the Causeway bay area?

Many Thanks in advance,

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  1. Take a look at 'City Super' beneath the 'Time Square complex. For slightly upscale 'organic products' sit down place, there's Agnes B's Pain de Grille

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      Great suggestion on the City Super Charles!

      When I first read this question, I really couldn't think of anything at I thought HK has no such thing. But perhaps you can try Oliver Super Sandwiches on the G/F of World Trade Centre? Or Delifrance which has various locations...perhaps there you could find something suitable??