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Jan 8, 2008 05:41 AM

Parents in Philly; Anniversary of Adult Child in Lakewood

Can you suggest fine Kosher Dining, either in Philly or Central N. J.? I gather that Lakewood itself doesn't present exciting possibilities, and I'm not aware of any in PHilly. We could travel, and so could our daughter and son-in-law, but obviously we'd like it to be special. New York would be inconvenient for all.

All ideas welcome!

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  1. Pickings will probably be pretty slim, at least they were when I was growing up there. If you are willing to go vegetarian you might have more luck.

    1. have you tried Max and David's in Elkins Park? I have heard really good things about the menu, ambiance, service.The only downside is I think you need a group of at least six for a reservation (can you get another couple to join you?); however several of my workmates have had luck just showing up and waiting.

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        Thanks so much, RJeff. I called Max and David's last night. On Sunday they are too crowded to honor a reservation for four, but on almost any Monday or Tuesday night they would be glad to accomodate our reservation. I'm eagerly awaiting menu copies from them by fax today.