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A 'real' salad place?

Is there anywhere in DC/Chevy/Bethesda that does a good tossed salad like they have all over Manhattan? Something with lots of content choices that isn't a scarey salad bar in the middle of a deli.

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  1. I really like Sweet Green In Georgetown. I haven't tried any of the new places like Chop't. But the 2 times I've been to Sweet Green I really liked the products they were using.

    I know you didn't want salad bars, but I have to tell you that I eat at least once a week from the wonderful salad bar at the Whole Foods on P St. Much better then most of the options out there.

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      Sweet Greens I thought was just OK...nothing like all the beloved places in NYC that I miss so much from living there.

      I actually think the salad bar at the P St Whole Foods is pretty weak. They never change it up and have a lot smaller selection than the Tenleytown or Gtown locations. They also use cheaper ingredients too. However, the thing that bugs me the most about that one is the labeling. On a number of occassions they have had the wrong label and ingredients posted. This can cause major problems with people who have allergies. My friend has even pointed it out to them, and the worker shrugged it off.

    2. I too am a fan of Sweet Green in Georgetown. Too bad they don't have seating!

      A bit further north than you specified in your geography -- Rockville -- is Urban BBQ. I regularly satisfy my salad craving at Urban. (I know this sounds about like omeone saying he buys pinup magazines for the articles, not the pictures, but I really do pass up the ribs for the salad.)

      I know you don't want a salad bar, but to address the other reply, I for one do not like the Whole Foods salad bars. Too me, they rely to heavily on raw onion to flavor their mixed salads.

      If you can get a seat or don't mind the usual wait, Pain Quotidian is another enjoyable spot to sit and have a (rather expensive) salad. I prefer Sweet Green, but you can sit and enjoy your meal at Pain Quotidian. Their is also a very good salad at the DC Chophouse, although having had it overdressed on a number of occasions, I now order it with dressing on the side.

      1. This has become a problem in MoCo. There was a choose your own ingredients salad at the now closed Willie and Reed's in Bethesda. At Cheeburger Cheeburger, you can choose a plethora of ingredients, although I have never had great greens there.
        I actually enjoy California Pizza Kitchen's choices.
        As we know Manhattan, this is not. Oh for a Korean salad bar.

        1. Chop't has opened at 7th and H NW. Try that. Quality ingredients and consistant.

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            Haven't gotten to go yet, but they're opening one 3 blocks from my office soon. How good is it? Any reviews on Chop't?

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              They're building a new Chop't @ 12 and G, in the old Cafe 1200 space

            2. I've been wanting to ty Sweet Green. I have had some pretty good salads from the cafe at the Sports Club LA -- 22nd and M. You don't have to be a club member to visit the cafe.

              1. Thought this link to a Washingtonian article would be of interest:

                There's even a link to an article on Chop't.

                1. Chop't is excellent. Lots of variety, nice staff (and they cater to food allergies), very clean. NY portions, NY prices. Love it.

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                    What's good there? Can anyone explain the "Rocket Fuel" dressings? What does that mean?

                  2. I have been to both Chop't and Sweet Green and I have to say Chop't is better.

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                      There is a Korean salad bar in the block between 2nd and 3rd on Pennsylvania Ave SE. I think it is called Cafe Recess. Great salad bar/hot food bar. We eat there a couple times a week

                    2. Park Place at 17th and I is a self-proclaimed "NY Salad Bar" I don't know I am not a NYer, but they have a very large salad bar area with different types of salad stuff and hot and cold items. It is kind of what I would think of as Cafeteria style.

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                        Park Place would claim dirt is authentic so they could charge an arm and a leg for it. Cafeteria-style all the way. Their soup, however, is among the least expensive in the area.

                        How about Java Green, the "organic eco cuisine" veggie place on 19th btw K and L? I'm a shameless meat lover, but even I admit my lunch (Boolgogi and Kimchi special) was soooo tasty. They've got a pretty nifty looking salad selection, too, albeit expensive: http://www.javagreen.net/html/menu.ht...

                        Java Green Cafe
                        1020 19th Street N W, Washington, DC

                      2. In my never ending search for the perfect salad in DC, my top choices are Sweet Green and High Noon. Both are excellent, fresh ingredients and will toss in whatever you like.

                        I do not like Chopt at all. I've been there a few times and every time has been very mediocre. They are very heavy on the lettuce, light on the mix-ins, and the chopping of the salad often makes them turn into a watery mess. Their dressings are good though.

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                          High NOon actually does not use all fresh ingredients. Fact: their chicken is partly soy-protein isolate. They do not make their own dressings. I am very wary to call anything "fresh" when they are not 100% transparent about their ingredients.

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                            I second your opinion about Chopt. I've been to the one at 7th and H three times now and have never been impressed. Too much lettuce, the chicken was dried out and gross, and I haven't even been that impressed with the dressings I've selected.

                            I know it's not a salad place - but I like the greek salad at the Greek Deli. Excellent dressing, fresh ingredients and you can top it with their delicious chicken or lamb.