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Jan 8, 2008 04:59 AM

New Astoria chocolate/coffee shop just opened

its called Chocolate Spoon, on 31st Ave just south of Steinway. right next to JJ's.
We went in the other night Sun and they said that tommorow would be their first day, cute place, nice people, and they gave us a delicious free "chocolate spoon" . Interested to know if anyone has been yet??

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  1. 31st ave? or 31st street? I was reading about it, but the address was 37-03 31st street, and it said to be a brazilian cafe (and not near steinway). Is this the same one?

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    1. re: ctina

      The address is 37-03 31st AVE, not 31st ST. This places it next to JJ's as the OP mentioned. It is just NORTHWEST of Steinway, not south..

      (718) 204-0780

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        The Steinway near Broadway part of Astoria as well as the entire Broadway strip has been coming back to life again. I find this area to be one of the most exciting parts of the ÔÇťOuter Boroughs of New York
        The Restaurants as well as the Stores there or a rare find.
        It has also become a great place to live.

      2. Where is it? 31 Ave runs east west, and 31 Street doesn't cross Steinway.

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        1. re: irishnyc

          31st ave and 37th st, west of Steinway.

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            next to the super market (associated) on 31 ave